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Perkie's Observations: Ned Gets an Inroad Into ELQ on General Hospital

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Wally Kurth, Chad Duell

Wally Kurth, Chad Duell

Julian and the lawyers await the judge's verdict. Judge Chua finds him guilty on all counts. Julian requests an immediate sentencing. He addresses the judge and throws himself under the bus. The judge agrees and sentences him to Pentonville for 15-20 years.

Ava shows up at the courthouse and is surprised when Griffin arrives. He says he's there to support her. Ava's upset by the verdict. A reporter wants a quote from Ava, but Griffin comes to her defense and shoves the cameraman. Ava threatens to sue the reporter. Griffin's impressed with Ava's spunk.

Michael warns Ned not to plan a takeover of ELQ. Ned claims he has no interest in Michael's job. Michael questions Ned's intentions. Michael offers him VP of new business and tells Ned to think about it.

Nina promises to take Valentin to dinner to give him an answer to his question about whether she wants to get back together with him. After he leaves, Nina gets Nelle to find the perfect dress for the occasion.

Dante and Lulu spend quality time together without the kids until Valentin shows up with Charlotte. Valentin brings up the custody agreement and how he wants them to work together for Charlotte's sake.

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Dillon tries to distract Kiki from studying from her accelerated premed program. Dillon gets a call from Nina to fly to Morocco for work. Kiki chooses not to go with him so she can study. Ned tells Dillon about Michael's offer. Dillon thinks it's a good idea.

Julian and Alexis say their goodbyes and he's taken away. Scott wants to appeal, but Alexis doesn't want to give Julian false hope.

Nina tells Valentin he can't give her answer tonight because she's heading out of town.

Michael decides to go to Morocco with Nelle. Ned calls to accept the job and promises to hold the fort down while Michael is gone. 

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