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Bill Smirks While Spectra Burns on The Bold and the Beautiful

Quinn and Sheila trash another room in the Forrester mansion.
Courtney Hope, Alex Wyse

Courtney Hope, Alex Wyse

Quinn wants to check on Sheila's release time with James. She finds it hard to believe her concussion is still an issue. 

Sheila tells James she's not faking, but may be working it a bit. She wonders if James wants to lose his practice because he blabbed to Eric. James tells her that his reputation as a doctor will be questioned if she continues with her scam.

Justin comes into Bill's office and asks if he has regrets. Of course, Bill doesn't because he thinks Spectra always find a way to come back. Justin tells Bill that everyone was out of the building.

Quinn and Eric go upstairs to check on Sheila. Quinn informs her she's been checking on some low-ball rentals for her to move into. James says Sheila's getting better, but it's still risky for her to leave. He tells Eric she could end up in the hospital. Eric decides that Sheila will stay when James reminds him a setback could make her injury public knowledge. Later, Sheila tells James she's waiting for Quinn to make a mistake so she can move in.

The Spectra crew are heading up the elevator for another all-nighter. The elevator opens and they spot the fire contained in the small office. Sally opens the office door. Luckily, there was no backdraft caused by the fresh supply of oxygen. 

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Downstairs, Eric tells Quinn to let her concerns go. Once Sheila is better, she will leave. He doesn't want to her create a problem that will undermine her recovery.

Bill is surprised the fire trucks are already on their way, but Justin tells him it won't make a difference. 

Shirley begs Sally to leave the fire, but she doesn't want to leave her collection. Strapping firemen with big axes bust in and tell everyone they have to leave.

Quinn sneaks into Sheila's room and sees her out of bed. Quinn tells her she knew she was faking and wants her gone tonight. Sheila brings up Quinn's cheating and Quinn laughs at her. Quinn turns to the door and Sheila grabs her from behind. The two start fighting again. Eventually, Sheila gets on top of Quinn and starts choking her.

Outside, the Spectra crew are suddenly covered in sweat and ash. The fireman tells them to get farther away in case the building collapses.

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