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Perkie's Observations: Kristina Tries to Make Parker Jealous on General Hospital

Carly claims that Sonny is a man of honor.
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Lexi Ainsworth, Brytni Sarpy

Lexi Ainsworth, Brytni Sarpy

Kristina wants a night out but Sam isn't interested, so she calls Valerie to join her at The Rib. It turns out it's lesbian night. Kristina apologizes to Valerie, saying she needed a wing woman. Valerie's fine with it. Parker's there and makes small talk with Kristina. Later, Kristina explains to Valerie that Parker dumped her. To make Parker jealous, Valerie kisses Kristina in front of her.

Alexis stops by to tell Sam about Julian's sentencing. Sam wonders if her mother can move on, and reminds her that Julian chose not to protect them.

Sonny tells Jason that he's meeting with the five families tomorrow to divide up his territory among them. Jason questions whether Sonny can pull it off.

Griffin regrets assaulting the camera man, but Ava thanks him for stepping in. Ava makes jokes at her own expense. Griffin accuses her of putting up a wall to drive him away.

Griffin says she's a survivor and he wants to be her friend because he cares about her. Ava doesn't want his pity, but he says he feels compassion. Ava mentions Valentin's offer. Griffin warns her to be careful of him.

Franco's moving in and Jake spots the portrait of the two boys. He thinks it has to do with brothers, but Franco explains that he had an imaginary friend. Franco's uncomfortable with the attention the painting is getting.

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Scott tells Carly about Julian's sentencing hearing. She wants to celebrate with Sonny. Sonny doesn't think they should. Just then, Alexis arrives. She isn't happy to see them with champagne.

Sonny says he's sorry, but that Julian had blood on his hands. Alexis points out that his hands aren't clean either, but Sonny feels Julian's damage couldn't be repaired. Carly tells Alexis that Sonny is a man of honor with a code, and that she's better off without Julian.

Scott gives Lucy a letter from Lee. It reveals that he left her his business offices in his will.

Sam tells Jason about Julian's sentence. He tells her about the end of the Corinthos organization. Sam feels Sonny will need backup and wants Jason to go. Jason points out this isn't their life anymore, but Sam thinks he needs to be there to protect their new life.

Jason calls Sonny to let him know that he's going to the meeting with him. Sam begs him to promise her that everything will be okay.

Franco finds a photo of two boys, just like the painting. 

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