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Sheila Gets Her Walking Papers on The Bold and the Beautiful

Liam accuses Bill of arson.
John McCook, Rena Sofer

John McCook, Rena Sofer

Sheila tells Quinn she's getting what she deserves. Quinn dares Sheila to choke her to show Eric how crazy she is. She eventually lets go. Quinn tells her she's insane and to pack her bags.

Pam rushes into the office and tells Steffy and Liam there was a fire at Spectra Fashions. Liam can't believe Sally's bad luck. Pam tells them Sally is in the hospital with smoke inhalation.

Sally is getting examined while everyone she knows watches. She's okay, but the doctor gives her sage advice. The next time there's a fire, run. Sally's upset that everything is gone.

Justin tells Bill that Spectra Fashions is out of the game. He claims the building is a shell and everything is gone. Bill, who doesn't own the land, wants to know when he can start building. Justin tells him that he needs to be patient right now to avoid attracting attention.

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Steffy and Liam pay Sally a visit. Sally comments that they should be happy they're done. Steffy says this isn't the way she wanted it to happen. She tells Sally they deserved a shot.

CJ comes in. He's grateful that everyone's still alive after seeing the building. He tells them the fire marshal said it was electrical. Sally admits she knew the wiring was faulty, but couldn't afford to fix it. She's hopeful that she can rebuild and Thomas will come home. CJ informs them there is no insurance because he accidentally let it lapse. Liam encourages her to fight and make a comeback. He tells Steffy he has to leave.

When Eric sees Quinn and Sheila, he knows they've been fighting. Quinn tells him she's been faking all along. Eric isn't convinced. She tells Eric about what she saw and how they started fighting.

Sheila says Quinn's exaggerating. Eric demands the truth. Sheila's excuses don't work, so he tells her he will send a car for her. Sheila is escorted out the door, feathers and all. Outside, she vows to be back and on the wall.

When they are alone, Sally confesses to Steffy that Spectra is done. 

Liam goes to see Bill. He starts talking about all the tricks Bill is using to get Sky built. Bill tells him to drop it. Liam accuses him of setting the fire.