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Bill Threatens Liam Into Silence on The Bold and The Beautiful

Sheila has a chat with her portrait.
Scott Clifton, Don Diamont

Scott Clifton, Don Diamont

Ridge comes into the office. He and Steffy discuss the timing of the fire. They admit they don't feel good about it and that Bill will profit from it. Ridge heads out so he can check on Eric and Quinn.

Quinn tells Eric that Sheila's crazy. Eric explains that he can see that and is aware of her history. Eric's concerned that Quinn is returning to her old self. She defends her actions because Sheila was faking. Quinn wants to drop it, but Eric warns her there is no room for physical violence. 

Sheila's in her room talking to her portrait. She tells it she will be back at Eric's. The hotel manager stops by to kick her out. She tells him she will call corporate to tell them about the shooter. She asks for more time to get paid up. She screams at him to get out. After he's gone, Sheila returns to her one way conversation. She vows to save Eric and take Quinn's place in his heart.

Bill tells Liam his questions are dangerous. Bill wants gratitude for all the things he's given Liam. He wants him to move on, but Liam won't let it go. Liam asks again if he started the fire. Bill admits he put Sally and that bottom feeder company of hers out of their misery, and he doesn't regret it for a minute. Bill says he swims with the sharks and Liam's upset because everything was handed to him. He reminds his boy that Sally is a thief.

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Liam tells Bill he fears for him because of all the stunts he's pulled for Sky. Liam questions the legacy he will leave behind. Bill tries to kick him out, but Liam retorts that he's just getting started. 

Ridge walks in the front door when Eric is giving Quinn a hard time for defending herself. Ridge wants to know why he'd do that when Sheila is involved. Eric tells him it's not his concern. He says he has Eric's back and tells him to stay away from Sheila.

Bill tells Liam he will pay CJ accordingly and wonders why he's defending Sally. Liam tells him what he did was a felony, not a business deal. Bill threatens Liam and tells him to keep his mouth shut. He grabs the sword around Liam's neck and tells him he lives by the sword and dies by the sword. He tells him to be true to him or never come back.

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