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Perkie's Observations: Jason Takes Another Bullet on General Hospital

Felicia and Bobbie dig up some dirt on Nelle.
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Billy Miller

Billy Miller

Sonny meets with the heads of the other families and announces his retirement. He wants them to agree to his terms that his holdings will be distributed evenly among them, but that he's keeping his legit companies. Sonny only asks for protection in return. Everyone shakes on it. Jason congratulates him.

Ned tells Olivia that he's thinking of going back to ELQ thanks to Michael's offer. Olivia however, is distracted by her pizza oven delivery. Later, Olivia is upset because Monica rehired Cook, who refuses to let Olivia anywhere near the kitchen. Cook also turned the oven away.

Nelle and Michael spend an enchanting day in Morocco before she has to go to work. They talk about boring stuff and make googly eyes until Nelle mentions not liking to have her picture taken. Oooh, foreshadowing.

Felicia tells Bobbie that her source is about to find something good on Nelle, but when Bobbie mentions it to Carly, she's no longer interested. Carly says Michael is happy with Nelle and can take care of himself. Bobbie feels it's better to know the truth. Carly feels it's time to let Michael live his own life.

Amy and Nathan have a meeting with Quinn, the publisher. Felicia spots them heading up in the hotel elevator and gets the wrong idea. Quinn has a cutout of Nathan and wants him to show up at the publishing party to meet the fans.

Amy tries to point out that Nathan is supposed to remain anonymous, but Quinn wants Man Landers out of the shadows. She reminds them of the clause in their contract. She's says Nathan is obligated to show up or their contract is null and void.

Andre runs into Sam. She says she's certain she will no longer have any fears about Jason's safety after today. Andre offers her his card and tells her that his door is always open.

Felicia runs into Maxie, who says she's home for good. Maxie decided to listen to Man Landers and put love before career. She's still determined to unmask Man Landers in hopes of getting her job back at Crimson.

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Felicia gets a little fidgety so when Maxie pushes, Felicia admits that Nathan and Amy have been spending a lot of time together. Felicia says she saw them go up to hotel room together.

Jason thanks Sam for letting him be at the meeting with Sonny. Sam tells him about her possible sessions with Andre. Sam explains that Jason's death broke her and she never recovered. Jason says it's not his job anymore, but Sam's fear is still there. Jason promises that nothing bad will happen to him. Oooh, more foreshadowing. Jason tries to reach Sonny. When he doesn't get a hold of him, he heads out to check on him.

Amy reads the contract, which says Nathan must appear for public appearances. She promises to find a way out. She mentions how it's their little secret as they leave the room, and Maxie overhears. Maxie misunderstands and slaps Nathan's face.

Felicia tells Bobbie that she has information, but Bobbie tells her that Carly doesn't want to hear it. Felicia says, "even if it's murder". Duh duh duh. Although would Carly, or Michael for that matter, care that Nelle is a murderer? Wouldn't that make her fit in better at the Thanksgiving table?

At the warehouse, Sonny is ambushed by the youngest family member. He manages to disarm Max and orders Sonny to drop his gun. The young gun says Sonny can't walk away and live. He wants to run Sonny's entire territory as he sees fit.

Jason arrives to hold off the young gun. In a weird slow motion sequence, Max gets a gun and tosses it to Sonny, just as Sam arrives. Jason's distracted and pushes Sam out of the way. The young gun shoots him in the chest.

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