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Perkie's Observations: Nathan Comes Clean to Maxie on General Hospital

Dante gets another Sonny-related assignment from the PCPD.
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Kirsten Storms, Ryan Paevey, Risa Dorken

Kirsten Storms, Ryan Paevey, Risa Dorken

The final scene of the shoot out is replayed. I wonder again why Max tossed the gun to Sonny when he had a clear shot of Petrov himself. So dumb. Sam cries over Jason's bleeding body. The paramedics arrive and prepare to take him to the hospital. Dante arrives, and Max and Sonny explain what happened. Sonny claims self defense.

Maxie slaps Nathan, then Amy. Amy says they were having a business meeting and not an affair. Nathan also swears they aren't having an affair, but admits he has been lying to Maxie. Nathan and Amy explain everything. Amy tells Maxie that Nathan has been a good friend.

Amy asks Maxie to keep their secret. After she leaves, Maxie questions why Nathan didn't tell her the truth. Nathan apologizes and promises that Amy will tell the publisher the truth. Nathan has decided to move to Portland. Maxie tells him that she quit her job and is moving home for good.

Felicia tells Bobbie that Nelle (aka Janelle) had a rich fiancé. The fiancé changed his will to make Nelle the beneficiary. Then, two weeks before their wedding, they went on a kayaking trip. The fiancé's boat capsized and he drowned. His family didn't believe it was an accident, but police had no evidence against her.

Felicia explains that Nelle planned the trip and that the kayaks belonged to them. Bobbie asks about the money, but Felicia says the family has the will tied up in probate.

Valentin follows Nina to Morocco, demanding an answer to his request. He waxes poetic about never loving another woman. Nina decides she wants to be with him and he puts her wedding rings back on. The two make love.

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Carly tells Joss that she wants them to move back in with Sonny and be a family again. Joss admits she's still mad at Sonny. She doesn't hate him and agrees to move back in.

Felicia runs into Amy and snarks her out for what she's doing with Nathan. Amy says it's not an affair and that Maxie now knows the truth.

Dillon and Nelle prepare for the photo shoot. Nelle tries on some of the fancy, expensive jewelry and poses for Dillon. Nelle tells Dillon about how she grew up in debt and without anything.

Bobbie wants to tell Carly the new information, but Carly doesn't want to meddle in her children's lives anymore. Bobbie says she's afraid for Michael and that she has proof that Nelle is dangerous.

Nina gets a call that the expensive sapphire necklace that Nelle was wearing earlier, is now missing.

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