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Caroline Tries to Topple Sky on The Bold and the Beautiful

Thomas gives Sally heartbreaking news.
Linsey Godfrey, Don Diamont

Linsey Godfrey, Don Diamont

Brooke questions whether or not Liam is having problems with Bill. She wonders if he knows something she doesn't. She thinks there are no barriers left between Bill and Sky. She says that Sally's bad luck is Bill's good luck.

Caroline doesn't think Thomas is as loyal as Bill thinks because he flew home to Sally ASAP. Bill says her dying trumps Sally's building burning down. Caroline guesses Bill knows more about the fire than he's letting on.

Thomas tells Sally that he can only be with Caroline in her last months because of her love for him. Sally tearfully tells him she worked hard on the collection and she really believed in herself. He assures her they can start over. Sally tells him CJ let the insurance payment lapse and they have nothing. She needs him to stay. He tells her he has to be in New York with Caroline and Douglas.

Caroline explains that living in New York doesn't erase Thomas' feelings. She points out that Bill still hasn't denied his involvement. Bill counters that the wiring was bad. He tells her he did not torch Spectra. 

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After Brooke is gone, Liam confesses to Steffy that he doesn't think that he can give Bill a pass. Steffy tries to tell him that he could send Bill to jail and asks if he could live with that, especially since it will affect Wyatt and Will.

Bill encourages Caroline to return home with Thomas and await for her miracle cure. Bill says that she will lose him to Sally forever if she throws in the towel.

Sally tells Thomas she understands, but she needs him. She explains that she's scared and may not bounce back. She says she doesn't know where to start. Thomas tells her to pick up a sketch pad. He believes in her talent and that she is Spectra Fashions. He says he can't stay. He kisses her goodbye and leaves.

Shirley and Saul come in and they wonder why Thomas is leaving. Sally explains he needs to be with his family right now. They think there is more to the story. Sally breaks down in Shirley's arms.

Bill wants to know if Caroline is going to keep up the charade. Thomas and Douglas come in. Thomas explains that Sally is in bad shape and needs him. Thomas says he told her he's going back to New York. Bill praises his decision.

After Thomas leaves, Caroline rips into Bill that she's not like him. She can't do this and feel good about it. She claims Bill is manipulating her and she's manipulating Thomas. She points to Sky and says it's all about her and not his family. She thrusts forward to crash Sky to the ground, but Bill grabs her wrist just in time.