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Perkie's Observations: Ava Comforts Griffin on General Hospital

Sonny's not happy he can't retire from the mob.
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Matt Cohen, Maura West

Matt Cohen, Maura West

Bobbie shows Carly the story about Nelle. She wants her to call Michael and warn him. Carly's all zen now and decides she's going to reserve judgement. Carly doesn't want Michael to resent her interference because she's determined not to lose another son.

Kiki pays Ava a visit and tells her about being offered a spot in the accelerated pre-med program. Ava's happy for her. Kiki's surprised at Ava's energy even though she has a therapy session scheduled.

Nina brushes off the jewelry assistant over the phone. Undeterred, she heads over to tell Nina in person that the necklace has not been found anywhere. Nina decides to talk to the crew before calling the police.

Liz spots a bloodied Sam at the hospital. Sam explains what happened to Jason and that he's being stabilized for surgery. Liz assures her that Jason will pull through. Monica finds out, then wonders how this happened since Jason was done with that lifestyle. Sam says Jason saved her life.

Dante brings Sonny down to the station. Sonny claims it was self defense. He gets angry that he's not allowed to retire since things always end this way. Dante doesn't believe that, but Sonny points out that it wouldn't be good for anyone if Petrov had taken over the PC territory. Dante says he wishes his father wasn't a crime lord.

Griffin's young patient Marisol is back in the hospital. Ava runs into Griffin and is all cheerful and happy until she realizes that he's upset. He explains that he's gotten bad news on his patient. Ava holds his hand and offers to pay the family's medical bills. Griffin asks for prayers for a miracle.

Nina questions Dillon and Nelle about the missing necklace. She then sees the photos of Nelle wearing it. Nelle explains putting it on, but swears she put it back in its case. Nelle admits she was alone with it and wonders if Nina is accusing her of stealing it.

Nina says she's not pointing fingers, but everyone is a suspect until the necklace is found. Nina and Valentin head back to their room to call the police. Valentin disappears on Nina.

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Michael is sure that the necklace is insured and not to worry about it. Dillon points out that it's not a big deal for the two of them since they come from Quartermaine money, but he advises Michael to cut Nelle some slack because she's worried about it. Nelle questions if Michael believes her to be innocent.

Kiki thanks Dr. Bensch for offering her the spot in the accelerated program. He tells her that it will take sacrifice and dedication. He asks her if she's prepared. Kiki promises that she's up for the challenge.

Sonny gets to the hospital and calls Carly to come join him. Sam blames herself. She tells Sonny that she was unprepared for what happened and she was terrified. Sonny says the illness messed her up and to have positive thoughts.

Carly arrives and tells Sam not to blame herself because Jason would lay down his life for all of them. Sam wonders how she can live with herself if something happens to him.

Liz offers Monica comfort.

Jason regains consciousness and warns Sonny to watch his back with the other family members. Sam thanks Jason for pushing her out the way and saving her life. She begs him to survive the surgery and come back to them.

Jason is taken into surgery.

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