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Thomas Comes Home to Sally on The Bold and the Beautiful

Caroline wants to cancel her impending death.
Pierson Fodé, Courtney Hope

Pierson Fodé, Courtney Hope

The next morning at Forrester, Steffy tells Liam she knows that he thinks his father started the fire. Liam admits Bill told him.

At Spencer, Brooke coos and teases Bill that there's big news in the fashion world. Bill disagrees. He claims no one will miss Spectra.

Sally tells the doctor that she's not coughing as much. Doc tells Sally she may be released, but will not be at work for the rest of the week. Shirley says they need a miracle...then Thomas walks in...with flowers. He gives his gal Sal a big hug.

Steffy can't believe Bill would do something criminal. Liam says Bill is off the hook unless someone comes forward. Other Forresti come into the office. They agree Sally isn't their favorite, but they feel badly for her. Liam and Steffy tell them it was an electrical fire caused by faulty wiring.

Giggly Brooke thinks Thomas' presence could have helped Spectra. Bill wonders why she cares. She says losing everything isn't a business crisis, but a human one (yes, she really said that). Caroline comes in with Douglas and Brooke leaves. Caroline comments to Bill that it was nice to have someone treat her like she's living.

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The Forresti come up with ways to hire the out of work Spectra personnel. Brooke comes in and tells them that Thomas, Caroline, and Douglas are in town.

Caroline wants Bill to hire a doctor to declare her well. He denies her request and comes up with endless reasons to not grant her it. 

Thomas tells Sally that Caroline is keeping her diagnosis a secret from everyone, including her mothers. Sally's concerned about the burden on him. Sally fills him in on how the fire was discovered. She tells him she can't see a way forward, but is grateful he's there.

Liam questions Brooke about his father's mood regarding the fire. Steffy interrupts and snarks about how Spectras like to take shortcuts since CJ didn't have insurance. To answer Liam, Brooke says that buyouts make Bill happy, but not for long. 

Sally wants to know if Thomas is back for good or if he plans on returning to New York. Sally admits she tries not to have expectations about Thomas, but deep down she does. At the risk of sounding needy, Sally needs a straight answer, yesterday.

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