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Perkie's Observations: Jason Survives Surgery on General Hospital

Nelle gets cuffed.
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Laura Wright, Maurice Benard, Kelly Monaco, Roger Howarth, Rebecca Herbst

Laura Wright, Maurice Benard, Kelly Monaco, Roger Howarth, Rebecca Herbst

Anna and Finn pay a visit to Raymond Berlin. Finn wants to know where Hayden would have run to. Anna wants to know more about the diamond. Raymond has no answers for either of them. Later, Finn gets a text from Curtis that Hayden has been found.

Michael reassures Nelle about the missing necklace. The two decide it's a good idea to have a Moroccan salt bath. Right in the middle of an investigation. Michael, a valuable necklace is missing, not a pack of gum.

Diane worries when Max is late checking in. She and Alexis discuss the differences in their relationships with their men. Apparently, Max is the greatest thing since sliced bread and Julian is worst than the devil himself.

Jake spots the photo of the two children and questions Franco. He admits that one of them is him, but that he has no idea who the second child is.

Liz comforts Sam as they wait to hear word on Jason's surgery. Franco shows up to sweep Liz off her feet. She tells him that everyone is worried about Jason. Franco offers Sam his sympathies, but she doesn't want to hear it from him.

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Carly and Sonny each blame themselves. Carly feels she should have never asked Sonny to get out of the business because it's the life they chose for each other. Sonny complains that he can't leave because things would be worst for PC if he did. Sam tells them both to shut it because Jason does what he wants for those he loves.

Dillon swears to Nina that Nelle didn't take the necklace. A police officer overhears and thinks they're trying to cover for Nelle.

Carly calls Michael to tell him that Jason has been shot. Michael decides to head home. The police officer feels Nelle took the necklace and places her under arrest.

Liz worries what she'll have to tell Jake if Jason doesn't pull through. Franco reassures her.

Sam calls Alexis, who comes to the hospital. The doctor tells them that Jason pulled through the surgery, but he's not sure that Jason will regain consciousness. 

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