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Liam Gathers the Clan for Some Big News on The Bold and The Beautiful

Courtney Hope, Pierson Fodé. Scott Clifton, Darin Brooks, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Don Diamont

Courtney Hope, Pierson Fodé. Scott Clifton, Darin Brooks, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Don Diamont

Liam is at Spencer. He tells Steffy he has to do the right thing. Wyatt comes in. Just as Liam is about to spill it, Thomas and Caroline join them. Then Bill comes in. Caroline tells him that Liam called them together. Bill wants to know what is going on.

Charlie is watching security cams and Sheila walks in. She wants his help. She claims that Quinn has feelings for Ridge and wants proof.

Sally pops in at Spencer. Thomas questions why she is involved. Liam assures him he will know soon. He tells Bill he knows what's going on. Bill warns him that he will regret it. Liam tells Thomas that Caroline isn't and never was dying.

Quinn tells Ridge not to give up on what he believes to be his truth. She tells him Bill will eventually shoot himself in the foot. She leaves to go rescue Invisible Ivy. She whines that they make a good team, but Invisible Ivy is always the good one. Quinn and Ridge go to help her.

Bill orders everyone to leave. Liam explains why Bill wanted Thomas out of the picture. Bill denies it and tells Wyatt that if he gets involved he will be jobless, homeless, and out of an inheritance like his brother.

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Thomas blows his anger all over Bill and Sky. Then, he turns to a distraught Caroline. She whines that she hated the lie. Thomas apologizes to Sally, who says it's okay. Liam interjects that it's not okay at all. Sally deduces that Liam is talking about the fire. When Wyatt claims it was an accident, Liam turns to Bill.

Sheila points out to Charlie that Quidge are together. Charlie counters that it's a business and that's what ha-happens. Sheila finds out from Charlie how to stop the elevators. When Quidge are inside, she hits the buttons.

Quinn calls for help. Sheila tells Charlie to ignore the call. She discovers there's no cell service and Ridge forgot his phone. Despite Quinn's incessant bell-ringing, Sheila convinces Charlie to see what happens.

Bill challenges Liam's claims. Wyatt wants to hear Bill deny them. Bill does. There's a knock at the door. It's Baker, the only cop in LA. Liam tells him to arrest his father. Steffy decides now is the time to ask if Liam's sure of this. Liam tells Baker that Bill is responsible for setting the Spectra fire.

Sheila and Charlie watch Quidge sit down and chat. Quinn tells Ridge that she misses him and his closeness. She takes his hand. Sheila takes a photo with her phone. Ridge says he doesn't want to antagonize her or his father. In the security room, Sheila whispers for them to kiss again. 

Liam tells Baker that Bill admitted to arson. Sally pipes up that he wanted the property. Thomas tells Baker about his lies with Caroline. Liam approaches Bill and tells him he is a Spencer, but not the way Bill likes it. He points out Bill's agenda with Sky. Liam turns to Wyatt and tells him they will rebuild the company and the family. Bill begs Liam to fix this situation before it gets out of hand.

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