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Perkie's Observations: Anna Gets a Lead on Valentin on General Hospital

Finn gets bad news from Hayden.
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Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

The police release Nelle after she spends the night in a Moroccan jail. Nina's busy tearing a strip off the inspector when Valentin shows up with the necklace. He claims he went through everyone's bags and found it.

Ava and Kiki share a coffee and discuss the fast track program. Ava's proud of Kiki and certain that she'll make the world a better place.

Dr. Bensch tells Griffin that Marisol doesn't have much time. Griffin is forced to give her parents the bad news. Then, he calls in another priest to help them.

Andre updates Anna on jewelry robberies. He explains that Valentin was likely the leader, though nothing can be tied to him. Andre wonders why Anna is still after Valentin, but she swears it's not a vendetta. She just wants to follow the trail of the diamonds no matter where it leads her.

Andre hands her a file of a jewelry fence named Cassandra Pierce who Valentin may have worked with. It turns out she's in Monaco. Anna decides to take a trip there.

Curtis meets with Finn and tells him that he followed Hayden's trail. She agreed to meet him at a hotel, but when he got there she was gone. Hayden had left her belongings and her passport behind in order to reinvent herself.

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Curtis gives Finn a note that Hayden left for him. In the note, Hayden apologizes, but tells him to forget her. She lies and says she lost the baby so all ties with her are over. Hayden has a new passport under the name of Madison Ford.

Nina questions Valentin about the necklace. He refuses to tell her much other than he wasn't the one who stole it. However, he figured out who did and managed to get it back. Valentin wonders if this will scare her away, but Nina's determined to love him, good or bad.

Nina sees that Valentin was injured getting the necklace back and warns him not to risk his life. She just wants them to be happy together.

Kiki has a great day doing rounds with Dr. Bensch and calls Dillon about her excitement.

Ava heads to the hospital where she sees Griffin. He's upset over Marisol's death. Ava speaks to the priest, who says Griffin feels like a failure both as a priest and a doctor.

Ava follows Griffin to the gym where he's taking his frustrations out. She watches him from across the room. 

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