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Liam Plays Hardball with Bill on The Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge makes an offer to Zende and Nicole.
Scott Clifton

Scott Clifton

Ridge thinks Bill is an overgrown bully who wants what he wants. Steffy tells him Liam wants to do more for Spencer and thinks Bill will have to listen to him. Ridge thinks Liam should lower his expectations so he's not disappointed.

While Zende and Nicole bask in his success, Rick is questioning Maya about her motives. She admits that the distance between Lizzy and Nicole would be good for them. Rick has to run it by Ridge. He reminds her that Sasha is also modeling in Paris. Maya thinks their relationship can handle it now and wants to see what Ridge has to say.

Liam claims he respects Bill. He just wants him to stop lying. He tells Bill he knows Spectra won the challenge in Monaco. He wonders what void Bill is trying to fill since he already has everything he could possibly want. Bill yells that he won't be blackmailed by his own son.

Rick and Maya go to see Ridge about Nicole and Zende. After they make their presentation, Ridge tells them he will call them up to see what they have to say. Maya looks like she's caught off guard.

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Sally comes to see Steffy. She wants to say goodbye because she's leaving town. She has nothing in LA, so she's going...somewhere. She apologizes for all the trouble she caused Steffy. She gives her the last sketches she's been working on as a peace offering.

Bill tells Liam that despite his threats, the fire cannot be traced back to him. He admitted it to Liam because he's his son and he loves him. Bill can't stop talking and eventually says out loud what he did and why. Liam was secretly recording the conversation and saves it to a file for safe keeping. He says to Bill, "No evidence, huh? Gotcha!"

Ridge tells Zende he should keep taking opportunities and continue to learn. He explains about the move to Paris to work for Forrester International.  

Bill tells Liam he won't get away with what he's doing. He questions why Liam cares about Sally's well-being. He accuses Liam of having a thing for her. Liam says he was only looking for compassion from his father. He claims Bill's business tactics have hurt him, Wyatt, and Will. Liam wants a memo on his desk tomorrow morning that Bill is stepping down. That's 9:00 am, not 9:01, or he will call the police.

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