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Maya Plots to Distance Nicole from Lizzy on The Bold and the Beautiful

Liam usurps Bill's power.
Karla Mosley

Karla Mosley

Liam tells Steffy why he has to expose his father. Steffy claims she doesn't condone his actions. Liam promises that he will use his freshly minted power.

CJ comes to see Bill and Justin. Bill offers a much lower price and CJ balks at his offer. Bill reminds him he rejected his previous generous offers, and should now be grateful for what he gives him.

Ridge tells Zende he likes his designs and has a long future ahead of him. Zende says he's grateful for his and Rick's guidance. 

Nicole is at work playing babysitter for Maya. Maya sneaks into the studio and watches her and Lizzy. As she approaches, she hears Lizzy call Nicole mama. Zende comes down and shares his good news.

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Steffy tells Ridge that he's worried about Liam's relationship with Bill. She explains they have a business disagreement. Ridge thinks Liam should always have a problem with Bill's tactics. He praises Liam for being nothing like his father.

CJ accuses Bill of not honoring their agreement. He claims he only wants the site for a building. Justin explains the value of the property is diminished and there was no deal. Liam starts to open the door, but hears the conversation and stops. He hears Bill tell CJ that he is a businessman who sees an advantage. He knows that CJ has to sell since he has no options. Liam interrupts and tells CJ to reject Bill's offer.

Maya tells Rick that she's upset Lizzy called Nicole mama. She still feels concern, even though the adoption is set. Maya says she doesn't want any confusion about who Lizzy's mother is. She thinks they should consider sending Zende and Nicole to Paris.

Justin escorts CJ out so Liam and Bill can talk. Liam tells him he's tired of his lies and he won't stand by and watch him take advantage of Spectra's misfortune. Bill admits he respects Liam's opinion, but will not tolerate him interfering in the acquisition of land and the construction of Sky. Liam reiterates he will do anything to stop him. He tells Bill to take a leave of absence or he will go to the police. Bill fires him, but Liam says he can't do that. He tells his father he's taking over Spencer Publications.

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