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Perkie's Observations: Ava Unmasks Her Anger at Griffin on General Hospital

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Maura West

Maura West

Ava offers her condolences to Griffin on Marisol's death and offers to listen. Griffin however, wants to be left alone. Ava calls him a hypocrite. Ava says he refused to let her wallow and that he needs someone to talk to.  

Michael gets home from a 63 hour flight from Morocco looking bright eyed and bushy tailed. Carly tells him about the shooting and that Jason is still unconscious. Carly blames herself for asking Sonny to get out of the mob, but Michael assures her that it's not all about her. 

Dante tells Sonny that police aren't pressing charges against him for Petrov's death. He wonders where Sonny goes from here in terms of getting out. Sonny's too worried about Jason to deal with that now. He says he's like a brother to him.  

The Davis sisters offer Sam support and each one offers to take a Morgan tot off her hands. Sam mentions how today is her and Jason's one year anniversary.  

Lulu and Valerie have an awkward run in. Both admit they wish things had been different between them. Lulu says thanks to Charlotte, she's re-evaluating the importance of family. She wants them to be the cousins they should be. Lulu invites Valerie to Rocco's birthday party.  

Sam sits with Jason. She cries and begs him to fight to come back to her and their kids. Sonny comes in to sit with Jason. Molly returns, telling Sam that Danny wants to see his parents and she doesn't know what to do.  

Michael and Carly show up. Michael offers to go with Molly and Danny to the waterpark. Carly offers to take Sam home for a couple of hours.  

Griffin explains how hard things were as a child and that he turned to the priesthood to find comfort in God. They encouraged him to also become a doctor to make a difference. Griffin is upset that he couldn't save Marisol and that he failed her.  

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Ava says everyone faces disappointment and removes her mask. She says she wants to look in the mirror and not be reminded of all the terrible things that she's done. Ava wants to be beautiful and Griffin claims that she is. The two kiss. Then, Griffin pulls away.  

Parker runs into Kristina with a grumpy Scout and manages to calm the baby down. Kristina mentions the girl at the Rib and how Parker is moving on from her divorce. Parker says she's just a friend showing her around town.  

Parker apologizes for hurting Kristina, who in turn says they need to move past it and get on with their lives. Parker asks about Valerie, just as she arrives. Parker assumes Valerie's with Kristina and heads out.  

Valerie feels Parker is jealous, which Kristina agrees with. Kristina however, admits that she doesn't know what she wants.  

Lulu finds Dante in the chapel. He admits that he wishes he had a relationship with his father that is like Sonny and Jason's. Lulu points out that their friendship has cost them both, and reminds him that he has her and the kids.  

Griffin apologizes to Ava for giving her the wrong idea. He just wants them to be friends. Ava gets angry, saying he doesn't know the effect he has on people and that he hides behind his priestly collar.  

Ava says he's hiding from living because he's afraid to feel. Griffin counters that he feels too much. Ava says he's just a depiction of a man and she wasted her time falling for him.

Sonny talks to Jason and tells him that he knows what he now has to do.  

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