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Perkie's Observations: Carly Wants Full Disclosure on General Hospital

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Maurice Benard, Laura Wright

Maurice Benard, Laura Wright

Ava's tired of Griffin's pity and savior complex. She takes partial blame for misreading the signals and falling for him, but says it hurt when he rejected her. She goes to leave, but Griffin asks her to stay.

Griffin says he enjoys her company but that he took vows. Ava throws Claudette in his face, but Griffin says the affair was a mistake and he reconnected to the priesthood. Ava tells him to stop lying to himself and that the priesthood isn't for everyone. She wonders why Claudette was able to tempt him away, but she can't. Ava thinks it's because of her face.

Griffin says he cares for her as a friend and that his vows are part of his life. Ava accuses him again of hiding behind the collar so he doesn't get his hands dirty. She says he's a flesh and blood man and it scares him.

Jordan finds Curtis looking for Roxie. Apparently, Finn checked himself into rehab to get over Hayden and left Curtis in charge of Roxie. Jordan ends up finding her behind the couch. The two celebrate with a drink and a kiss.

Jordan pulls back because of Stella, but Curtis says he's falling in love with her and they kiss again.

Jake tells Franco that he's worried about his father and Franco reassures him. Franco brings up the photo of his imaginary friend. Jake mentions Monica giving him a box of old photos to scan. That ladies and gentleman, is what we call foreshadowing.

Carly sits in the chapel and prays and pleads with God to spare Jason. God yawns and goes back to his weekly poker game.

Liz gets home. She's upset about Jason and how Sam is suffering. Franco reassures her.

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Michael checks in on Sonny, who's busy blaming himself, a usual mantra of his. Michael says Jason would want them to be strong and not blame themselves. Michael offers to sit with Jason while Sonny takes a break.

Bobbie stops by and keeps Michael company until Nelle shows up, fresh from the airport. Nelle explains about spending the night in jail, which piques Bobbie's interest. Nelle says it all worked out and she and Michael take off, leaving Bobbie to sit vigil.

Sonny tells Carly that it wasn't realistic to think that he could get out of the business and that he has to stay in. He offers to let her go and divorce her, so that she's no longer a target. Carly decides they need each other, even though the cycle of violence can't be broken.

Carly feels they are committed to each other, but this time there can be no secrets. She needs to know about any threats.

Bobbie's worried about Nelle and tells Carly that she shouldn't let her guard down. Bobbie reminds Carly that Nelle could take advantage of Michael's pain while Jason is hurt.

Ava calls Valentin to discuss his miracle treatment.

Jake brings Franco a picture of Jason as a child who looks like Franco's picture of his imaginary friend. 

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