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Brooke Drills Bill For Answers on The Bold and the Beautiful

Katherine Kelly Lang, Don Diamont

Katherine Kelly Lang, Don Diamont

Liam is keeping late hours in his new office listening to the confession. Hopefully, he can get up and be at work by 9 am, not 9:01. 

At home, Bill is is rewinding his life whilst drinking. He gets mad and throws the glass against the fireplace (like so many before him). 

Steffy has been keeping Sally waiting because she's busy. She wants Sally to keep her designs in case she ever needs them. In the end, Steffy decides to keep them and thanks her.

The Avant parents are getting the rundown on Paris from Ridge, Rick, and Maya (because every work proposal needs parental approval). Ridge slips up and Nicole realizes it's Maya's idea, not his. Nicole questions Maya's intentions wondering if she's upset that she almost didn't sign the adoption papers.

Brooke comes home. Bill trash talks his employees and she buys it. She doesn't really know what's bothering him. She rubs his shoulders and talks about Sky. She thinks she's helping him relax, but he gets mad and walks away.

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Steffy comes to Spencer. Liam tells her that he is King Spencer. Steffy admits she's never seen this side of him before. Liam thinks his father has no choice but to let him take control.

Maya claims that Nicole is mistaken. She turns the conversation around to the opportunities that await them. Zende thinks it would be a dream to be in Paris with Nicole. They eventually agree. 

Brooke waxes poetic about Sally and her apex to fame...until everything was snatched away. Oh, the misfortune of someone you didn't care about. Apparently, Brooke thought she was talented. Who knew? Again, Brooke shifts the conversation to why Bill is so upset about work.

Liam tells Steffy that Bill has been treating his employees poorly and he will change that. Wages and the environment are some of the issues he cares about. Steffy says that she doesn't agree with Bill's tactics, but he's all about progress. She acknowledges that blackmail is a crime like arson. She worries about Liam and his relationship with Bill.

Brooke prods Bill about his problems. She observes that he's drinking a lot before dinner. He tells Brooke that he is thinking of taking time off to be with her. She's flattered, but knows it will drive him cray cray. Brooke wonders why he'd hand over the company to Liam since they are so different. She wants to know why he NEEDS to hand the company over to Liam right now. 

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