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Perkie's Observations: Franco Has Questions for Scott on General Hospital

Ava takes a stand against Valentin.
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Kin Shriner, Roger Howarth

Kin Shriner, Roger Howarth

Lulu is not happy to hear that Nina and Valentin are back together. She thinks it's just to score points with the judge in the custody hearing. Lulu is determined they won't get full custody. Valentin says he wants joint custody since that would be better for Charlotte.

Jordan and Curtis wake up together and declare themselves a couple again. Jordan feels she needs to clear the air with Stella.

Liz continues to worry about Jason and blames herself for the loss time between him and Sam. Scott shows up to visit with Franco as Liz heads to the hospital.

Stella offers to help pay TJ's schooling, but he says he can do it on his own. Stella tells him that it's time for her to go home now that she's fixed Curtis' problems.

Amy tells Nathan that Quinn wants him at the book launch. If he isn't, their contract will be null and void, leaving her to repay the money. Amy lays it on thick about her brother's rehab and how she wants to move him closer to her. Nathan finally agrees to do the book launch.

Ava gets a phone message from Griffin saying he still wants to be her friend. She decides to meet with Valentin to discuss the miracle treatment.

Scott tells Franco about his father's death. The two share an awkward hug. Franco brings up his possible relationship with Jason and shows him the picture of the two boys. Scott doesn't think that it means anything and doesn't believe the other kid is Jason.

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Franco is certain that it's a picture of him and Jason and wants to know what it means. Scott tells him to talk to Heather.

Maxie meets with Nina to ask for her job back and shows her samples of the work she did in Portland. Nina says Maxie was fired because she stuck her nose in Nina's personal life and she can't trust her anymore.

Maxie points out that Nina has been betrayed worse and wonders why she can't be forgiven. Nina tells Maxie to come up with a good story and she'll consider it.

Griffin tells Liz that he did something stupid. He hurt someone and he needs to figure out how he feels. Liz tells him to go and talk it out with that person.

Curtis and Jordan run into Stella. They tell her that they are back together and she needs to accept it. Stella changes her mind and tells TJ that she's staying. Oh yeah....said no one...ever.

Ava meets with Valentin who has a contract for facial reconstruction. Ava offers a valuable art piece as payment, but Valentin wants her to retract the statement she made that he killed Nikolas.

Valentin says there is no proof that Nikolas is dead. He's trying to spare Charlotte from hearing terrible things about him. He feels Nikolas faked his own death and that Spencer will think that his father abandoned him. Ava says she saw him kill Nikolas and refuses to change her statement.

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