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Bill Sends Liam a Painful Message on The Bold and the Beautiful

Don Diamont, Scott Clifton

Don Diamont, Scott Clifton

Liam has a statement ready to go in case Bill won't do it himself. Steffy asks if he's willing to risk his relationship. She warns him there will be consequences.

Katie and Wyatt are busy in bed. She's really happy that Wyatt pushed her into being with a younger man. They talk about who they need to tell and how they will react. Wyatt thinks if he betrays Bill he will blow any chance for a future at the Spencer helm. Katie gets an alert that Steffy is at the front gate.

Justin wants to know what Bill do. Bill says he refuses to hand over his company. Justin tells him that as his legal advisor, he may have no choice. They both will end up in prison. He pushes Bill to make a decision.

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Steffy looks Katie over and deduces she has a man in her house. Katie admits she does. Steffy tells her there will be a shake-up in the fashion world and Katie should be ready to take action on short notice. She adds that Zende and Nicole are going to Paris. Katie says she's ready for anything. After Steffy leaves, Katie tells Wyatt about her cryptic visit.

Bill walks in to Liam's new office and closes the door. He comments that the chair is way to big for Liam. He tells Liam that blackmail is not in his character, but Liam tells him he has no choice. Bill says that he's not handing over his company. He promises to change his tactics from this point forward. Liam shuts him down and Bill starts to get angry. He calls Liam a self-righteous son of a bitch. Liam gives him the paper to sign. After some pushing, he finally does. 

Liam apologizes. He says he hopes Bill will be proud of him one day. Bill snarls that he's so proud of a son who is blackmailing him after he gave him everything. Bill reminds him it's just a leave of absence. He tells him to enjoy it while it lasts. Bill wants to leave him one more thing before he goes. When Liam asks what, Bill clocks him in the jaw. He stands over Liam, who is on the floor with a cut eye that is quickly bruising. He whispers that he doesn't get even with people, he decimates them. He walks out as Liam struggles to recover.

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