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Perkie's Observations: Griffin Delivers Bad News to Sam on General Hospital

Heather refuses to see Franco.
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Matt Cohen, Rebecca Herbst, Kelly Monaco

Matt Cohen, Rebecca Herbst, Kelly Monaco

Valentin basically orders Ava to sign the papers denouncing that he did anything to Nikolas or he'll rescind the offer to help her cure her burns. Lulu suspiciously watches from across the room until curiosity kills the cat. She heads over and demands to know what's going on.

Ava claims she's simply selling Valentin a rare tapestry. When Valentin leaves, Lulu lays it on thick. She thanks Ava for agreeing to testify against him, and giving Spencer and Laura a sense of justice.

Dante and Olivia are getting ready for Rocco's birthday party when talk turns to Valentin. Olivia tells him that they need to learn how to co-exist for Charlotte's sake. When Lulu gets home, she tells Dante about Valentin and Ava together. She worries that it does not bode well for their custody fight.

Kiki stops by Franco's with artwork for his gallery showing, but he's more focused on paying Heather a visit. Kiki doesn't understand why he would want to talk to his crazy mother. Franco mentions Jason and his connection to him. He asks about his medical status. At first, Kiki says she can't spill medical secrets. Franco eventually convinces her and she tells him that Jason may never come out of the coma.

Carly wants to move back in with Sonny. He refuses, citing she'd be safer in her own house.

Griffin and Liz come in to examine Jason. Sam refuses to leave his bedside until Griffin essentially forces her to. Sam comes out to sit with CarSon, and thinks they believe Jason will die.

Griffin tells Sam that the longer Jason stays in the coma, the less likely he is to recover. Sam refuses to believe it, but Griffin says Jason is unresponsive and should be placed in a long-term facility.

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Sam refuses that, claiming she wants to keep him here, and sit and fight for him to wake up. Liz tries to apologize for the time she took from Jason and Sam. Sam gets nasty with her, so Liz leaves.

Carly tries to reason with Sam, telling her to get her head on straight and appreciate the time she has now. Sam gets nasty with Carly, saying both she and Liz are always trying to take Jason away from her. Sam accuses Carly of wanting Jason for herself and swears she won't let Carly take Jason away from her again.

Franco goes to see Heather, but the guard tells him that she's refusing to see him. Franco gives the guard the BLT and the photo of the boys. The guard returns and gives him back the photo saying Heather is refusing to talk.

Sonny questions Griffin about why God didn't punish him, but Jason instead. Griffin says he's leaning more towards medicine these days and prattles on about people getting out of their lives. Sonny wonders if Griffin is thinking of leaving the priesthood.

Valentin stops by to give Rocco a gift. It's a video game he wanted that Olivia had already bought. He tells Lante that the custody hearing is soon and that he wants what's best for Charlotte. Lulu and Dante worry.

Kiki stops by to see Ava and sees that her bags are packed. Ava claims she's going to a spa to help her feel better. After Kiki leaves Ava declares that when she returns she won't be hiding anymore. 

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