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Perkie's Observations: Sam Gives Carly the Business on General Hospital

Liesl encourages Franco to talk with Betsy.
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Laura Wright

Laura Wright

Sam continues to yell at Carly. Sam says Carly's always hated her and she's only been tolerated for Jason's sake. Carly disagrees, claiming she loves Sam. Sam says Carly has always wanted to be first in Jason's life, and wasn't happy when he returned and focused more on his family. Carly reminds her that if they weren't friends, she wouldn't have covered for her. Alexis arrives and overhears Carly.  

Kiki tells Griffin about Ava's trip to a spa. Griffin thinks this shows progress because Ava's getting out there. He's surprised when Kiki mentions that it's in St. Petersburg, Florida. The two head over to Ava's and find she's already gone. 

Griffin sees her itinerary which indicates that Ava's gone to St. Petersburg, Russia.  

Griffin checks Ava's computer and search engine. He sees the information about reconstructive surgery. He figures Valentin is behind this. Griffin admits to Kiki that he and Ava got close. He says he was careless with her feelings. He worries that he made Ava vulnerable to Valentin.  

Franco meets with Dr. Obrecht and shows her the photo of the boys and Jason at the age of three. He wonders why Jason would be in his childhood. Liesl feels Franco has convinced himself that the kids are the same.  

Franco says Heather knows something, but refused to see him. Liesl feels Heather was simply playing mind games and that Franco needs to speak with Betsy. Franco worries because his birth mother is a fragile woman. Liesl pushes him to call her.  

Michael tells Nelle about his year in a coma. He blames himself for Jason's shooting because he should have told Sonny that he couldn't get out of the business. Nelle asks if he's ever thought of joining Sonny. Michael says he has, but that Sonny didn't want it. Nelle's happy he's at ELQ.  

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Ava's joined on the plane to Russia by one of Valentin's associates, Larisa. Larisa explains that she's not only there to accompany Ava, but that she's also a former patient of Dr. Boronsky. Ava can't believe it since the woman is stunning. Larisa explains that she was attacked by her abusive husband and was put back together.  

Ava starts having second thoughts about the trip because she should have turned down Valentin's offer. Larisa assures her that it will change her life for the better and Ava will be herself again.  

Carly tells Sonny about her fight with Sam and how she shouldn't have let her get to her. Sonny claims Sam is a fighter and she needed the pushback from Carly. Carly says she knows Jason wouldn't want to stay alive in a coma, but Sam wouldn't be able to pull the plug. Sonny says if it came down to it, he would do it. 

Sam tells Alexis about shooting Sonny and the cover up. Alexis feels she should have called Diane because the infection absolves her from legal responsibility. Alexis feels the cover up was worse and she can't come forward now. Sam admits to Alexis that Carly is right. Jason would want them to pull the plug.  

Carly heads to the bridge for some closeness with Jason, and runs into Michael and Nelle. Carly outs Nelle, telling Michael about the dead fiancé. After she leaves, Michael questions Nelle, who admits she was a coward in not telling him the truth sooner. Michael wants to hear the story now.  

Carly tells Sonny about dropping the bomb on Michael. She feels she did the right thing to make sure Michael doesn't get hurt. Sonny gets a call that someone has broken into Carly's house.  

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