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Spectra Gets an Eleventh Hour Save on The Bold and the Beautiful

Lecherous Ridge makes a play for the very-married Brooke.
Courtney Hope, Scott Clifton

Courtney Hope, Scott Clifton

Steffy vows to Bill that she will fix the rift in his family. Steffy argues with him about how the situation should have been handled. Bill claims Liam betrayed him and questions if Steffy is feeling sorry for Sally.

Ridge admits to Brooke that he feels badly for Sally. He tells her Sally's leaving town for good. Brooke informs Brooke that Bill is taking a leave of absence from Spencer. She admits to Ridge that he's not been himself lately. Ridge pushes and makes a play for her. He wants her to leave Bill and come back to him.

Sally is poking around the ruins of her office. She sees a charred picture of the OG Sally and apologizes to her. A fireman escorts the other Spectra staff into the office. He tells them the building is structurally sound.

Thomas calls Sally with great news. Caroline is in remission. But wait, he didn't say he had bad news. He's staying with Caroline to give Douglas a stable family, something he never had. She says goodbye and hangs up.

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CJ comes to see Bill, but Liam is in the big chair. He tells CJ he's honoring Bill's OG offer. Relieved, he thanks Liam and leaves. He calls Sally to come see him at Spencer.

Bill tells Steffy he was wrong, but he gets heated up and blames Sally. Steffy checks him and says it's not her fault. Steffy encourages him to make amends with Liam. Bill thinks Liam has a thing for Sally. Steffy denies it. She tells Bill that he will regret shutting Liam out.

Sally shows up and tells Liam that she's ready to put LA behind her because of Spectra and Thomas. He tells her that Spencer bought the Spectra land. He hands her a document that gives her the property and building where Spectra stands. He explains that he's righting a wrong.

Ridge denies he has feelings for Quinn. He wants Brooke's forgiveness, but doesn't understand why she won't give it to him.

Liam admits to Sally that Bill and Steffy do not know what he's doing. He explains that she could leverage the property to borrow money to get Spectra up and running. She hugs him and tells him he's an amazing man. He reiterates to her that this deal needs to stay between them.

Before she leaves, Sally tearfully tells Liam he took the worst day of her life and made it the best.