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Perkie's Observations: Bobbie and Monica Ponder the Universe on General Hospital

Sonny says it's his job to protect his family.
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Leslie Charleson, Jacklyn Zeman

Leslie Charleson, Jacklyn Zeman

Michael's not happy with the huge secret Nelle's been keeping. She says she was afraid to tell him after what she'd done to his family. Nelle explains what happened and how she couldn't save her fiancé. She swears she wasn't responsible for his death.  

Michael wonders why the parents were suspicious of her. Nelle admits that her fiancé changed the will to make her beneficiary. Nelle asks if Michael believes that she killed Zach. Michael says he trusts and believes her innocence.  

Carly and Sonny get to her house. Milo caught Oscar letting himself into an open door. Oscar claims Joss told him to meet her there. Joss gets home and admits she and Oscar got their text messages crossed. She vouches for him.  

Bobbie finds Monica. She's upset over Jason's condition. She feels it's not the order of things to outlive one's children and grandchildren. Bobbie says they've seen miracles and that Jason is strong. Monica wonders if she should have pushed harder to keep Jason safe, but Bobbie feels the children need to make their own choices and they need to stand behind them.  

Anna updates Finn on the stolen diamonds and how it led her to a fence working with Valentin. Finn wonders why she's telling him all of this. Anna says she needs to contact Pierce, who happens to be a hypochondriac and needs a doctor. Finn refuses to help.  

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Sonny explains to Joss that there is tighter security right now because of what happened with Jason. He says Milo will be keeping an eye on her for now. Sonny says it's his job to protect his family.  

Joss and Oscar head to the bridge. Joss says she would understand if Oscar wanted to call things off between them. Oscar however, is still interested in dating her. The two share a kiss.  

Michael and Nelle head to the hospital where Nelle has a run in with Bobbie. Bobbie says she knows the truth and wants Nelle to leave town. Bobbie's ready to tell Michael the truth, but he says he already knows.  

Michael tells her he chose to believe that Nelle is innocent and asks his grandmother to trust him. Bobbie agrees to back off.  

Nelle declares her love for Michael.  

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