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Brooke Presses Bill for Answers on The Bold and The Beautiful

Katherine Kelly Lang, Don Diamont

Katherine Kelly Lang, Don Diamont

Liam stresses to Sally the property is hers and not a charity handout. She insists on paying him back, but Liam points out that's not in the agreement. He assures her Bill is no longer a part of Spencer. He encourages her to move forward now that the worst is behind her.

Bill reveals to Steffy that Caroline is now cured. Steffy tells him Thomas is staying in New York, which Bill takes credit for. Bill admits he doesn't want to lose his son and may consider a compromise. Steffy says she will talk to Liam first, even if it puts her in the middle of their dispute.

Bill is in the bedroom when Brooke comes out of the bathroom in a swimsuit. She was planning a private showing of all her choices for their trip. Bill tells her they are not going anywhere right now. She tells him she knows something's wrong and asks what it is.

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The Spectra crew arrives at the burned-out building. Shirley wants to know why they are there when Bill's bulldozers are a-comin'. Sally tells them she owns the building and the land. She explains she will take a loan out against the property to get the money they need. They are excited to have a chance to start over.

Liam is eyeing Sky when Steffy walks in. She tells Liam she talked to Bill and worries about their rift. She claims Bill regrets everything, especially punching him. Liam tells her he is running Spencer with a clear conscious and feels relieved to be out from under his father.

Brooke doesn't believe Bill when he says not to worry. She wonders if he is reconsidering his plan to give Spencer to Liam.

Liam implies Steffy is rationalizing Bill's actions. She claims she is trying to help them resolve their issues. Liam only sees Bill as a bad guy. He sees their potential reconciliation as a means to an end for Bill. Steffy keeps trying, but Liam doesn't take the bait.

Brooke implores Bill to tell her the truth. She says he can tell her anything. He admits he was blackmailed into giving up his position. He calls Liam a hypocrite and pads his wording with the term "supposed crimes". Brooke reiterates that as his wife, she needs to know exactly what he's talking about.