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Perkie's Observations: Ava Encounters a Mystery Man on General Hospital

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Maura West

Maura West

Maxie tells Nathan that in order to get her job back at Crimson, she needs to bring Nina a huge scoop. She wants to out Amy and Nathan. Nathan says finding out they've been confiding in a woman rather than a man would humiliate Man Landers' clients. Nathan mentions the book launch and how he's going to be revealed. Maxie agrees to back off.

Griffin asks Anna's help in finding Ava because he's worried what Valentin has in store for her. Anna doesn't understand Griffin's worry for a Jerome. Griffin admits that he hurt Ava by sending her mixed signals. He says Ava kissed him and that he regrets hurting her.

Anna doesn't understand why Griffin is keeping himself in limbo and he needs to make a decision about his collar. Griffin wants to head to Russia to find Ava, but Anna points out that might look like he wants her.

Larisa shows Ava to a waiting room. Ava is impatient to meet Dr. Boronsky, but is having second thoughts. She gets more anxious more after she has to give up her phone. Larisa says their work must stay anonymous.

Nina's thrilled to be back at Wyndemere. Valentin shows her a framed Cassadine family tree that he made for Charlotte. Nina asks what he'll tell Charlotte about Spencer's trial. Valentin says there won't be a trial because he's neutralized Ava.

Valentin says Ava retracted her testimony because he offered her to get her beauty back. Nina despises Ava, but vows not to waste anymore energy on her. The frame falls over and breaks, cutting Valentin's finger. It bleeds onto Nikolas' name, which is supposed to signify something.

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Amy finds Spinelli hanging out by Jason's room. Amy tells him that Jason's condition is unchanged and is gone for tests. To pass the time, Spin pulls out a copy of the Man Landers script and goes on ad nauseam to Amy about how wonderful it all is.

Kiki receives a gift basket containing alcohol from Dillon and Dr. Bensch is not happy about it. He chastises her about what patients will think if she's not 100% focused on their care, but busy thinking about her fun night ahead. When Dillon calls her later, Kiki chastises him for sending her the basket.

Anna tells Griffin that Ava can take care of herself, but Griffin has decided that he needs to rescue her. Anna calls Robert to find out about the clinic, despite her misgivings about Ava.

Nathan runs into Amy at the hospital. He lets her know that Maxie is okay with him being outed at the book launch. Spinelli spots them hugging.

Ava wanders around the waiting room and stumbles upon a masked man in a wheelchair. She speaks to him, but he says nothing back. He does react when she mentions being from Port Charles.

Larisa returns and gets upset that Ava is talking to the man. She warns her that he's dangerous, even though he's heavily sedated. She says he was a victim of a violent crime. He was shot and tossed in the water, but is likely beyond their help. So, are we looking at original recipe Jason or Nikolas? 

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