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Days of Our Lives' Bryan Dattilo Opens Up About Lucas and His Boozy Visions

Bryan Dattilo

Bryan Dattilo

Days of Our Lives' Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) just ain't been right since Bonnie (Judi Evans) kicked him to the curb. Bonnie is pretending to be his lady love Adrienne. After several years of sobriety, Lucas returned to the bottle.

This week, he got drunker than a frat boy during pledge week and saw his dead son Will (Chandler Massey). The question is, can Lucas see dead people like Cole in The Sixth Sense or is Will really among the living? This is Salem after all, so anything's possible.

TV Insider's Michael Logan chewed the fat with Dattilo to find out if Lucas' boozy visions are fantasy or reality. Here is an excerpt:

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There’s been much excitement about Massey’s return, and fans are assuming that Will isn’t really dead. So what’s with this spectral visitation? Explain!

We keep it mysterious. It’s all shot very cinematically, so you’re not quite sure what’s really going on. But Lucas doesn’t want to believe he’s talking to Will’s ghost. In fact, he rejects the idea. He thinks it’s all in his mind or that maybe God is messing with him. He’s playing the victim and blaming his drinking on his rotten life and on Will’s death. Meanwhile, Will’s looking at his dad like, “You are so in denial about your drinking.” And it’s true. Lucas passes out and wakes up in the hospital. But he’s committed to staying drunk.

The first Will sighting happens just after Lucas has verbally assaulted Paul (Christopher Sean) and Will’s widower, Sonny (Freddie Smith), at their wedding rehearsal. Does Lucas truly resent Sonny for moving on with his life, or is it just the booze talking?

Sober Lucas would never react this way—in fact, he would support the wedding—but drunk Lucas is pissed off. He blasts Sonny for not honoring Will’s memory, and he blames Paul for having sex with Will, which is what drove Sonny and Will apart. He even thinks Paul had the whole thing planned from the beginning. Yeah, it’s crazy talk, but Lucas is miserable—and he wants everyone to be just as miserable as he is. I felt so bad during those scenes.

Drama is finally hitting Salem and its name is Lucas Horton.