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Perkie's Observations: Monica Confronts Sonny on General Hospital

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Leslie Charleson

Leslie Charleson

Kiki gets Franco's art show up and running at the gallery, but he's anxious about the whole thing. He tells her he has no intention of selling the painting of the boys.

Spinelli runs into Amy and asks her how she knows Nathan. Amy claims to barely know him. Spinelli then heads over to Jason's room for a tearful reunion with Sam.

Maxie and Nathan head to the gallery for the art show. Maxie's still looking for a great story to give to Nina. She thinks an exposé on her one night stand with Franco will do it. Franco however, is not interested in talking to her.

Monica's upset by Jason's latest test results. When Sonny approaches her at that moment, she tears a strip off of him. She accuses him of being the reason why Jason's in the hospital and that he may never wake up. Monica says the blood of both of her sons is on Sonny's hands.

I cheer that the good writer was allowed out of the closet, but it's short lived as Alexis diffuses the situation. Monica backtracks and puts the blame on Jason's shoulders for choosing that life. Heaven forbid anyone be mad at, hate, or blame Sonny for longer than a commercial break.

Jordan and Curtis are being cutesie pootsie. He says he loves her, she doesn't say it back but says she's in this for the long haul. And that my friends, is what they call foreshadowing.

Nina's going to the art show for Crimson. Valentin offers to go with her. At the show, she sees the "boys" painting. She gets upset and leaves. Back at Wyndemere, she complains that Franco lied so much during their relationship. Valentin thinks she's worried about his lies. Valentin promises that his past won't affect Nina. Nina says she has no doubts about him or her love for him.

Anna wants Finn to reconsider his decision not to help her. Finn says he took an oath as a doctor. He does not want to pretend to treat Cassandra Pierce, just so Anna can get information.

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Finn tells Liz that Hayden lost the baby and that she's gone for good.

Betsy shows up at Franco's art show, thrilled her son invited her. Franco introduces her to Scott. Liz meets her as well. Betsy apologizes for keeping Aiden all those years ago. Liz says she's forgiven them both. Liz tells her that she's a nurse with three boys. Franco mentions that his mother was a nurse, but Betsy gets a little squirrelly.

Monica tells Alexis that Jason's condition is unchanged and Sam needs to make decisions. The two tell Sam and that she needs to get Jason into a long-term facility. Sam loses it and says she's going to take Jason home. She says they have enough money to hire full time care and he can be surrounded by family.

Anna spots Finn and Sonny talking. She calls Robert to look into a connection between the two. Anna scams Finn into coming over to her place and blackmails him into helping her.

Sonny runs into Curtis and thanks him for helping Jason solve Morgan's murder. He offers Curtis anything in exchange. Curtis says he'll do anything for Jason's "family". The two shake on it, which Jordan witnesses. There's that foreshadow-anvil-dropping thing.

Sam swears to Spinelli that she's not in denial. She's just worried that sending Jason to a facility will mean that she's giving up hope. Spin tells her that Jason would want her to do what's best for her and the kids. He feels it doesn't mean Sam's giving up.

Jason's fingers move.

Franco shows Betsy the photo of the boys and asks why Jason is in it. Betsy promises him answers. 

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