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Perkie's Observations: Curtis Gets a Lesson From Jordan on General Hospital

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Vinessa Antoine, Donnell Turner

Vinessa Antoine, Donnell Turner

Anna informs Finn she's aware of all the trips he made on Sonny's private jet. She knows he purchased illegal drugs and smuggled them back into the country. Here's a crazy thought, if the WSB has this information on Sonny, why hasn't he been arrested? Oh right, plot point, my bad.

Anna promises to make all of that go away if Finn agrees to help her to get to Cassandra Pierce and get the information she needs about Valentin. Finn has no choice but to agree to the blackmail.

Curtis offers Sonny whatever he needs, then Jordan interrupts. After Sonny leaves, Jordan gets angry with Curtis, who claims he was only offering Sonny support. Jordan points out that it's a slippery slope and before long Curtis will be working for Sonny. Curtis complains that she has no faith in him and that she's putting up walls. Jordan gives him an ultimatum, Sonny or her.

Franco wants answers from Betsy. She feels he'd be happier not knowing and questions why he'd want to mess things up with Liz. Liz walks up and Betsy claims to be happy that Franco is helping her raise her boys. Betsy is not so happy to hear that one of those boys is Jason's son. Liz admits the two men have a history, but that they've learned to co-exist.

Ava goes back for a chat with the patient in the wheelchair. Larisa finds her and chastises her again. The man is dangerous for crying out loud, don't you get that? I mean, why else would he be sitting in a room by himself, where anyone can walk up to him? Dr. Boronsky, who looks more like an orderly dressed up as a doctor, shows up. He promises that he'll make Ava beautiful again.

The Cassadine name comes up, which of course makes Dangerous Man's hands clench. Ooooh, so intriguing. Dr. Boronsky warns Ava that he can only repair her face and not her soul. Ava asks about Dangerous Man. He tells her to mind her own beeswax and focus on her own treatment.

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Sam holds Jason's hand. While she talks, he squeezes her hand. Sam tells Griffin and Sonny. After examining Jason, Griffin tells her that it doesn't mean he's waking up. He says the hand movement is involuntary.

Sam declares that she's not sending Jason away because she's bringing him home. Sonny points out the sheer stupidity of this decision by telling her that she'll need money to outfit the penthouse and staff, which the kids will have to adjust to.

Sonny points out that the kids won't understand why Jason isn't waking up and that's not what Jason would want for his family. Sam finally sees the light, and agrees to a facility close by.

Franco insists on answers again. Betsy says she doesn't want anyone else to hear and for him to meet her at her hotel. Once he gets there, Betsy is gone.

Griffin wants answers from Anna, but she doesn't have them yet. He's worried about Ava. Anna promises to let him know the minute Robert finds anything about the clinic. Anna warns Griffin not to take matters into his own hands. 

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