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Perkie's Observations: The Eyes Have It on General Hospital

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Steve Burton

Steve Burton

Franco's upset that Betsy took off, despite saying she'd tell him everything. Scott wants him to let this whole thing go, but Franco says he can't. Scott says he's known Jason his whole life and grew up in PC. Scott insists the boy in the photo isn't Jason.

Sam has presumably gone to check out a long-term facility, so CarSon sit at random Jason's bedside to continue hand-wringing. Carly claims lying in a hospital bed was Jason's worst nightmare, though I'm guessing death might somehow be worse. Carly is certain Jason would not want this and she should honor his wishes. Later, Carly decides she and Jason never got their connection back. That's ironic considering she thought she had the strongest connection to Jake Doe evah.

Nina and Valentin continue to celebrate their homecoming, but she's still concerned about him helping Ava. Valentin points out that Spencer could win the lawsuit and having Ava in his corner will only help him.

Charlotte tells Lulu that she needs to speak to her father because a friend of hers is sick and he might be able to help. Lulu puts her feelings aside and takes Charlotte to Wyndemere. Charlotte explains to Valentin that her friend Bailey has scoliosis like he did and worries she has it too.

Valentin explains that he had Charlotte tested. He offers to talk to Bailey's mother about Shriner's Hospital for Children. Charlotte is pacified and Valentin thanks Lulu for working together for Charlotte's sake.

Ava decides to chat with Dangerous Man again and tells him all of her woes. She tells him how no one loves her except her brother and daughters. She mentions the one friend she had. The minute she says Nikolas' name, Dangerous Man grabs her by the arm. Ava begs him to let go, so he does.

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Felix and Andre show up at the gallery and make small talk with Liz until a woman shows up. She's upset that Franco is profiting from death, including her sister's. She throws paint on Liz. Police show up to have her arrested. Franco returns and Liz explains that the woman is a plaintiff in the lawsuit.

Franco apologizes to the woman and tells Dante that he isn't pressing charges. The woman is not impressed and hopes Franco burns in hell. Franco reminds Liz that he has an ugly past, but she's got her pompoms out and is cheerleading for him all the way.

Nina tearfully calls Valentin a hero for helping Charlotte through her crisis. Seriously, all he did was make a phone call. He didn't cure the scoliosis himself. Geez, Nina lays it on thick.

A nurse comes in to remind Ava that she shouldn't be talking to Dangerous Man. Ava asks if she knows any Cassadines, but the nurse says she only knows Valentin. The nurse feels she needs to report the aggression against Ava. Ava doesn't want anyone to know she broke the rules by speaking to him, nor does she want him punished.

Dangerous Man manages to remove his glasses and duh duh duh...Steve Burton's eyes appear. 

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