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Perkie's Observations: Dante Digs Up Information About Ava on General Hospital

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Dominic Zamprogna, Emme Rylan, James Patrick Stuart

Dominic Zamprogna, Emme Rylan, James Patrick Stuart

In Monaco, Anna and Finn plan their sting against Cassandra. Anna drops something in Cassandra's drink, which causes an allergic reaction. Finn manages to cure her on the spot. Cassandra is grateful and asks for a personal meeting with Finn later.

At Shriner's Hospital, Valentin and Charlotte offer moral support to Bailey and her mother. Lulu arrives to wait with them. She praises Valentin, who doesn't believe her praise is real. Lulu says she knows he's not a monster, just a bad man.

Lulu questions Valentin's own experience with scoliosis. She says as Charlotte's mother, she should know what he went through. Valentin says Mikkos sent him away at the age of 5 to protect him from Helena. While there was money for his education, there wasn't enough for treatment. Lulu wants to know more, so Valentin tells her how he had multiple painful, expensive surgeries.

Parker's teaching Molly's class, so Kristina shows up on the pretext of giving Molly something. Kristina tells Molly that she needs to tell Parker the truth about something. Kristina tells Parker that she and Valerie are not dating and that she's single.

Kristina wants things to be cool between them. Parker says she wants closure and that they need to talk.

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Nelle tells Michael that she's being evicted and gets upset when he tries to reassure her. After she leaves, Carly walks up and questions why Michael hasn't broken up with Nelle yet. Michael says Nelle told him everything and he believes her.

Carly wants him to get in touch with the family and get proof of Nelle's innocence. Michael doesn't think he needs more information because he believes Nelle. Carly agrees to back off. Later, she gets a text from the fiancé's sister about Nelle.

Nelle runs into Kiki and complains about Carly hating her. Kiki admits she's done some bad things to Michael and Morgan, but that Carly eventually moved past it. Nelle says Carly's trying to dig up dirt on her. Kiki counsels her to always tell Michael the truth.

Dante asks Kiki about Ava's whereabouts. He tells her that she sold Valentin a tapestry. He wonders why Ava would get into business with him. Kiki tells him that she thinks Ava's in a clinic in Russia to restore her face, and that Valentin set up the trip.

Dante shows up at Shriner's. He tells Lulu that Valentin got to Ava and convinced her to recant her statement. 

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