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Perkie's Observations: Ava Helps Patient 6 on General Hospital

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Steve Burton, Maura West

Steve Burton, Maura West

Sonny pays visit to Sam at the new long-term care facility. Sonny explains how hard it was for him when Michael was in a similar place. He feels this is the best place for Jason.

Sam mentions how life has been different with Jason since he's been back. She says they were more settled, living their lives and being happy together. Sonny promises to make things right.

Dante tells Lulu that Ava's testimony is now worthless. Lulu confronts Valentin, who denies doing anything to Ava. He wants Lulu to agree to shared custody. Lulu agrees to have Diane draw up the papers, but warns him that Charlotte will one day see how evil he really is.

Curtis stops by Jordan's to give her flowers after their fight about Sonny, but Jordan's still not having it. Curtis swears he would establish boundaries with Sonny, but Jordan says it would be a problem with her job.

Ava sneaks in to see Patient 6. She's surprised to see his glasses are off and that his eyes are blue. She apparently wondered if he was Nikolas stashed here by Valentin.

Dr. Kline arrives. He tells Ava her scars are too severe for Dr. Boronsky and he'll be doing the work. Ava's not happy, but Dr. Kline tells her that he'll restore her face. A nurse comes in to give Patient 6 a sedative. Ava asks why. Dr. Kline tells her that he's a danger to everyone and it's best to keep him sedated rather than in restraints.

Ava sees the sedative is ketamine. Dr. Kline tells her to mind her own beeswax and leave Patient 6 alone.

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Kristina and Parker meet to discuss their past. Kristina says everything happened for a reason and is grateful Parker came into her life. Kristina kisses Parker, but Parker stops it. Parker says it's inappropriate. She says even though Kristina is not her student, she still attends PCU. Parker says she can't lose her career over Kristina.

Valerie runs into an upset Curtis and offers an ear as his friend. Curtis admits there are professional conflicts with Jordan. Valerie warns him not to make the same mistake he made with her. She tells him to make sacrifices to keep Jordan happy.

Jordan tells TJ that Curtis offered his services to Sonny and she has a problem with that. TJ reminds her that Curtis is a PI and there are gray areas of the law. Jordan gets upset about all the bad choices she made that TJ suffered for.

TJ tells her to stop beating herself up and be happy. He says he appreciates everything she's done for him and that he came out okay.

Sonny calls Curtis with a job. Curtis turns him down, saying he can't be involved in conflict.

Curtis goes back to Jordan and tells her that he turned down Sonny's offer because it's not worth losing her. Jordan admits she acted harshly and that she loves him.

Ava comes back to see Patient 6 just as he's trying to get out of the chair. Ava's shocked since he had a full dose of ketamine. Ava says she won't tell anyone. She adds that when gets out of the chair, he needs to spare her.

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