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Steffy Can't Stop Threatening Sally on The Bold and the Beautiful

Courtney Hope, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Courtney Hope, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Wyatt wants to know if big daddy knows what Liam did. He thinks big daddy's coming back to his job and will blow Liam out of the water. Wyatt won't shut up and starts blathering on about Steffy's reaction.

Ridge uses Bill's own words against him. Ridge says he must have done something really bad for Brooke to leave. He teases Bill that Brooke's heart may take another turn. They go back and forth about who's the better man. Bill tells Ridge to stay out of their lives because Brooke will come back to him.

Creepy RJ is bugging the hell out of his mother about how great Ridge is. Brooke wants him to stop pushing the issue.

Steffy is busy threatening Sally. She tells Steffy that the fire was an accident and she will pay back every penny to Liam. Sally has to tell her again that she's changed. Steffy throws out the same threat as yesterday and leaves. Coco comes in. Sally tells her again she can't divulge who their savior is.

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Liam tells Wyatt he's not at liberty to talk about Spectra. Wyatt can't comprehend why he doesn't get to know about a confidential business deal. Liam tells him if he keeps it up he may not have a job. Wyatt gets all sad and wonders what's happening to his bro. 

Steffy and Ridge talk about Bill's visit. Ridge admits Bill didn't give him much information. He thinks whatever Bill did was big enough to scare Brooke away. He wonders if Brooke's departure is connected to Bill stepping down as CEO.

Bill pops in on Brooke. He apologizes and asks her to come home. He says he would take back what he did if he could. He says Sky or his money mean nothing if she won't come back to him.

Wyatt reminds Liam of Sally's crimes. Liam tells him she's changed and deserves a chance. He tells Wyatt that after everything Bill did to sabotage her, he felt badly for her. He wants to see her succeed without interference. Wyatt thinks Liam has a thing for her, but he denies it. Wyatt warns him that Bill will make him pay for everything when he comes back.

Brooke twists her wedding ring. Bill takes her hand and tells her not to take it off.