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Wyatt Puts a Puzzle Together on The Bold and the Beautiful

Steffy goes straight to the source.
Darin Brooks

Darin Brooks

Bill comes to Forrester. Ridge tells him Brooke isn't there and doesn't want to talk to him. Ridge taunts Bill that he knew their marriage wouldn't last. Bill says they will work it out.

RJ tells Brooke he knows she walked out on Bill. He offers to be a big man and get Brooke's belongings from Bill's. He says home is him, her, and dad.

Wyatt points out to Justin that Liam expended money that Bill would never authorize (ummm....he's the CEO dude, he can do what he wants). Justin tells him the money went to CJ. Wyatt doesn't get why that much money was paid to him after a fire.

Steffy wants to know why Sally was squeezing Liam like a tube of toothpaste. He explains that he gave Sally the property Bill wanted. She questions why that much money was paid for a heap of ashes. He says he's not saving Sally, but his father's hide.

Wyatt wants Justin to get into some files that he suddenly can't access. Justin tries to help. (I'm not sure why because he's complicit in an arson scam.) Justin and Wyatt eventually figure out Sally owns the property.

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Liam claims that too many people know about Bill's crime. Steffy says the Spectras would have been packed and gone by now. Liam tells her he did the right thing. He wants to know how Spectra business is any of her concern.

Coco wonders if Sally did something underhanded to get the property. Sally tells her she has a benefactor.

Steffy brings up all the crimes Sally laid at her family's doorstep. Liam tells her that's not his issue. He's doing right by her to make up for the damage Bill has done. Steffy accuses him of having the C-E-Oh-no-she-better-don't seat by ill-gotten gains. Liam tells her he's done talking about it.

Ridge tells Bill there's a lot of moving parts in his leaving Spencer to Liam. However, he doesn't have to worry about Brooke because he's got it covered. 

Wyatt complains that he never needed an appointment to see Bill and he ain't doing it to see Liam! He whines that he doesn't work for Liam, but Liam reminds him that he does. Wyatt tells him he knows he gave a building away to Sally.

Steffy goes to Spectra to see Sally. She wonders how she could accept Liam's gift. Sally tells her she will pay it back. Steffy warns her that she won't tolerate Sally sponging off her family. If she does, Steffy will prosecute.