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Perkie's Observations: Franco Gets More Information from Betsy on General Hospital

Michael solves Nelle's apartment problems.
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Roger Howarth

Roger Howarth

Milo questions Sonny about how much he should reveal about Josslyn's activities. He says Carly was pumping him for information about her and Oscar. Sonny tells him that so long as Joss is safe, nothing else matters.

Carly tells Joss that she spoke with Milo. Joss gets worried ,but Carly only knows that she and Oscar ended up on the footbridge. Joss says they went there so she could tell Oscar about Jason and that nothing else happened.

Sam sits and tearfully talks to Jason. Kristina stops by with Danny and Jake. They have drawn a picture for their father and sing him a song.

Liz wonders why Franco is so withdrawn lately. He tries to blow her off, but she calls him out on his lies. Franco shows her the photo of the boys and says he believes Jason is his brother. Liz reminds him they had a DNA test and he didn't match Jason.

Liz says Jason lived his whole life in Port Charles. Franco says he needs to figure this out so he can stop obsessing and become the man he wants to be for her and the boys. Liz tells him to go and get the answers from Betsy.

Ava tells Patient 6 about Dr. Kline's phone call about him. She wants to know if his family placed him here and if they're waiting for him. Six shakes his head. Ava hands him a pen and paper, but Six doesn't respond. Ava tells him that Kline is about to up his dosage and this might be his last coherent moment. Six writes down a phone number, which Ava recognizes is from Port Charles.

Nelle complains about losing her apartment. Michael tells her not to rush to find something new just yet. Michael heads over to see Sonny, who asks about Nelle's past. Sonny tells him to uses his resources to find out all the facts. Michael says he believes and trusts Nelle.

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Sonny overhears Michael make a call about real estate, but Michael doesn't give any details.

Nelle runs into Carly and Joss, who doesn't understand the new animosity between her mother and Nelle. Carly says Nelle should be the one to tell Joss about her past. Nelle says she was accused of something she didn't do, but swears she wouldn't hurt Michael.

Michael finds Nelle, who's still complaining about where she's going to live. Michael says he bought the apartment for her and that she won't have to move.

Carly heads to Sonny to complain about Nelle. He says the more she pushes, the farther Michael will pull away. Carly mentions Nelle's apartment woes, so Sonny tells her about the real estate deal Michael made. Carly worries that Nelle will take Michael for all he's worth.

Franco overhears Betsy's side of a conversation with Heather and demands to know who the kid in the photo is. At first, Betsy tells him to leave things alone. Franco says it's affecting him, but doesn't want it to affect his relationship with Liz.

Betsy admits that his imaginary friend was real and that there was a twin, but that it wasn't Franco's.

Sam decides to leave Jason for the night. Jason opens his eyes.

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