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Brooke Makes a Decision About Her Marriage on The Bold and the Beautiful

Eric and Ridge make up.
Katherine Kelly Lang, Don Diamont

Katherine Kelly Lang, Don Diamont

Bill tells Brooke to take more time if she needs it, but to leave her wedding ring alone. Bill says his actions were wrong, but he didn't break their vows.

Eric stops by Forrester to see Ridge. He explains why he was so mad at Ridge. He claims he only wanted to hurt him. He says Ridge is his son and nothing can change that. He apologizes and tells Ridge he wants to make their family whole again.

Wyatt tells Katie about Liam's gift to Sally. Katie's surprised, but tells him Bill may be preoccupied with his marriage. They suspect there's a connection between all the events.

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Ridge tells Eric that Brooke left Bill. He admits he's excited for the possibility. Creepy RJ comes in. He tells his father that Brooke is leaving for good because she really loves him, not Bill. 

Brooke accuses Bill of taking what he wants without regard for anyone. He reminds her the building was empty and no one got hurt. She brings up the time he ordered Ridge to be tossed out of the helicopter. She doesn't see how he's really changed. She tells him she loves him, but the part of him that needs to win at all costs terrifies her.

Katie tells Wyatt she's worried about Brooke. She thinks Bill could hurt her deeply. She claims Brooke took care of her when their father left and now she needs to be there for Brooke. She says it's a matter of time before Brooke gets pulled back into Ridge's orbit.

Bill steers the conversation back to their marriage. Brooke explains that his actions and their marriage are connected. She tells him he showed no remorse for turning Liam into a blackmailer, but punched him instead. She takes off the ring, puts it in his hand, and tells him goodbye. 

Ridge and RJ come to Brooke's. They figure out that Brooke booted Bill to the curb. RJ, in a moment of compassion, tells her she did the right thing. Of course, Ridge agrees. He tells her he loves her and gives her a hug as their creepy kid watches.