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Perkie's Observations: Jason Wakes Up on General Hospital

Ava gets Six into trouble.
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Billy Miller

Billy Miller

Ava doesn't understand what Six wants her to do with the phone number. She says the clinic confiscated her phone, and even if she called, she needs his name. The nurse walks in and sees Six with the pen and loses it. Dr. Kline comes in and gets angry with Ava. This prompts Six to angrily get up from the chair.

Nelle says she can't accept Michael's generous offer because it will make her feel like his mistress. She adds that CarSon's head will explode. Michael claims he's an adult who's parents have no say. Michael offers to be her landlord and have her pay rent. Nelle wonders what will happen if they break up.

Michael promises to draw up a lease that would ensure she keeps the apartment no matter what happens between them.

Jason wakes up calling Sam's name. Then, he promptly has a seizure. Sam begs Jason to fight back as the doctor works on him. Jason comes out of it and the doctor decides to run some tests.

Carly worries that Nelle is running a con on Michael, though Sonny feels that she truly has feelings for him. Carly wants to find proof and mentions the fiancé's sister, but Sonny shuts her down.

Sonny is certain Nelle is a con artist and not a killer. He feels if they keep pushing, they'll drive Michael away. Later, Carly gets a call from the fiancé's sister.

Valentin tells Nina that Lulu has agreed to shared custody, which Griffin overhears. He gets angry with Valentin. Liz arrives and tries to calm Griffin down, but he accuses Valentin of maneuvering Ava into changing her story.

Griffin says he needs to know where Ava is. Valentin says she went of her own volition and might not want to return. Griffin shoves Valentin. Nina intervenes and warns she'll call the police. The Cassadines leave. Griffin tells Liz that he thinks Ava is in trouble.

Franco demands answers from his mother. Betsy explains that Heather brought Susan to her to hide from Alan. The ultrasound showed twins and Susan was worried about being on the run with two babies. In order to keep one of them out of the Quartermaine's hands, Heather gave the second twin to Betsy to raise.

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Franco remembers the other child's name was Drew. He questions why Betsy went along with the plan. Betsy says she adopted him illegally and worried that Heather would spill the beans. Franco questions where Drew is now. Betsy says he died.

Orderlies come in to bring Six to his room, but he beats them all up. Dr. Kline is forced to tranquilize Six and they drag him to his room. Dr. Kline demands to know where Six got the pen. Ava is forced to admit she was communicating with him. She gives Dr. Kline the phone number.

Dr. Kline warns her that if she doesn't follow the rules, they won't do her surgery and she'll stay deformed.

Sam tells Jason that he's been in a coma for 4 weeks, but thankfully found his way back to her. Jason promises never to leave her again. Sam apologizes for letting fear control her since he's been back.

Betsy explains that she raised both boys as brothers. Drew had a heart defect and died at the age of 3. Franco worries that if it's hereditary, Jake might have the same condition. Betsy claims otherwise.

Betsy explains they moved and she hid all traces of the boy. She told Franco that Drew was his imaginary friend. Franco decides everyone needs to know, but Betsy says the Quartermaines will come after her.

Betsy begs Franco to keep her secret.

Dr. Kline calls the number on the paper, which turns out to be Sonny's office number.

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