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Perkie's Observations: Scott Encourages Franco To Be Honest with Liz on General Hospital

Sonny warns Griffin to stay away from soulless Ava.
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Kin Shriner, Roger Howarth

Kin Shriner, Roger Howarth

*Disclaimer: Though most of us have figured out that Steve Burton is likely playing original recipe Jason Morgan, it means Billy Miller will likely turn out to be FauxJason or Drew. The show has not officially told us that yet. So until they do, Steve will continue to be Patient Six while Billy will continue to be Jason Morgan.*

Brick arrives as Sonny's finishing the empty call. He wonders who would have called him on this line since it's only for the inner circle. Brick offers to have the call traced.

Dr. Kline hears Sonny's name mentioned before he hangs up. He wonders who he is to Six and what Six thought Sonny could do for him. Ava overhears Kline call someone. He tells them to come and get Six because he's their problem now.

Griffin's worried what Valentin will do to keep Ava from testifying against him and feels he needs to help her. Liz questions his feelings for Ava. Griffin admits that they grew close and that he messed things up.

Liz says she won't judge since she's dating a serial killer (okay, she didn't call him that, but it's totally what she meant!). Griffin says he took vows and he won't break them. He says he needs to go to Russia and find Ava.

Scott stops by to give Franco money from the art sale. Franco tells him Betsy's tale and that the child in the photo died. Scott wonders why Betsy didn't just tell him the truth before and wonders if she's not telling Franco something.

Franco just thinks Betsy is worried about the legal ramifications. Scott tells him that Liz deserves the truth, otherwise he'll regret it. Liz gets home and asks about the photo. Since Franco's a lying liar whose pants are on fire, he lies and tells her that it was a neighborhood kid who's name he doesn't remember.

Maxie plans a special night for Nathan because she's bored of being unemployed and wants to play the good wife. Nathan however, is not in the mood for sexy times because he's worried what will happen once he's unmasked as Man Landers.

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Nathan worries that he'll be arrested for fraud since he signed a book deal for a book Amy wrote. Maxie claims she's devised a plan to fix everything for everyone.

Ava talks to Six and blames herself for the position he's in. She wishes there was something she could do. Six opens his eyes and asks for her help. Ava says she's not a good person, but she needs to be healed. Six asks for a paper clip to get the handcuffs off. Kline approaches, so Ava hides in the closet. Dr. Kline gives Six another dose of ketamine.

Ava tells a comatose Six that tomorrow she'll get him a paper clip to get out of the cuffs.

Griffin goes to Sonny and asks for his help. Before he can explain, Brick returns and says the call came from St. Petersburg, Russia. Sonny wonders if someone's retaliating for Petrov's death.

Griffin tells Sonny that Ava is in Russia, so Sonny starts to believe that she's after him. Griffin says Ava has changed and she's not out to hurt Sonny. He says he needs Sonny's help to find her and believes Ava to be in danger.

Sonny doesn't care that Ava might be in danger. He just wants to make sure she's not working with his enemies. Griffin says Ava was contrite for Morgan's death and that she's trying to be a good person.

Sonny says Ava doesn't have a soul to save and that Griffin shouldn't bother with her. Sonny warns Griffin to stay away from Ava. Griffin says he'll find Ava by himself and if Sonny wants to hurt her, he'll have to go through him.

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