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Bill Vows to Make Liam Pay on The Bold and the Beautiful

Don Diamont, Darin Brooks

Don Diamont, Darin Brooks

Steffy tells Bill it's okay to be vulnerable. She thinks even though Brooke is upset, he can keep fighting for her. Steffy offers to help any way she can. Bill agrees to meet Liam halfway. Steffy agrees to talk to Liam.

Liam stops by Sally's new office. He's happy to see their renovation is progressing. She reminds him it's all because of him. She tells him she needs an architect and a builder. Liam has a solution.

Wyatt wonders if Brooke told Katie any more about why his father's marriage is over. Wyatt deduces that the trouble started around the same time as the fire. Katie can't control her facial expressions and Wyatt calls her on it.

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Katie tells Wyatt not to ask questions he doesn't want to know the answers to. She says she can't talk to him about it because it's too complicated. She gets upset, starts shaking, and tells him that she can't talk about it. He backs off and gives her a hug.

Liam offers to contact the firm that was going to build Sky because they are on retainer. She thanks him and tells him again she will pay him back. She gives him a hug.

Wyatt goes to see Bill. He tells him he put together the details about the fire. Bill tells him that Liam took the company away from him. Bill admits that Liam taped his confession. Bill claims he's ashamed of himself, but doesn't think he deserves to lose everything. Wyatt wonders why Liam would send him to prison. The two men talk about what a dog Liam is. Bill tells Wyatt that Liam will regret what he's done.

At Spencer, Steffy tries to convince Liam to sit down with Bill. He tells her he can't give Bill an "in" or he will take everything. Bill calls the office. He apologizes and tells Liam he knows where he is coming from. He offers to work with him, but wants Liam to erase the confession off his cell phone. Steffy tells Liam she agrees with Bill.