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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Has a Plan to Conceal Nathan's Identity on General Hospital

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Kirsten Storms

Kirsten Storms

Finn updates Anna that he met with Cassandra. He thinks she's not interested in his medical services anymore. Finn thinks Cassandra is onto them and plans on leaving tonight, whether or not Anna has something on him. Anna says she never wanted to blackmail him, but is certain Cassandra will reach out again. Finn gets a call saying just that.

Nelle's moving back into the apartment that she never moved out of (what? why?) and Michael's helping her unpack. She declares herself the happiest she's been and wants to put the past behind her. Michael mentions a party for Bobbie's years of service to the hospital. Nelle isn't interested in going. Later, Michael agrees he's not going either.

Carly tells Bobbie about the text from the dead fiancé's sister Sharon. She tells Bobbie she's meeting with her. Carly worries she may be pushing Michael away, but Bobbie feels that it's for his own good and not to back down.

The "Ask Man Landers" book launch party is taking place at the Metro Court. Nina worries about Nathan's involvement and snarks at Amy that he's taking all the risks. Nina warns Amy that if Nathan gets hurt by this, Amy will regret it. Yeah Amy, if you don't behave, Nina will drug you and cut your baby out of your womb and run away with it. Or she'll have her husband shoot you then pretend he didn't. Man, Nina gets on my last nerve!

Nathan worries about jeopardizing his career if the truth that Amy is Man Landers comes out. Maxie says she has a plan that is foolproof and that no one will discover the truth. Spinelli shows up at her door. He apologizes because he was too busy to find out who Man Landers was. Maxie reassures him claiming she no longer needs to know.

Sharon meets with Carly and wonders what Nelle has done to the Corinthos family. Sharon explains how Nelle infiltrated herself into Zach's life, slowly pushing his family and friends away. Sharon warns Carly not to let Nelle get away with anything.

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Spinelli gets himself into the Man Landers room and is surprised to see Amy there. She manages to get him sent out to wait in the lobby with everyone else.

Sharon shows up at Nelle's door (how would she know where Nelle lives??).

Nathan and Maxie arrive at the launch. Maxie has hired multiple Man Landers, who all look alike. Maxie explains that the various Man Landers will compound the mystery of the real one. Quinn is not happy with the disruption of her book launch, but quickly comes to realize that Maxie's plan is a good one.

Amy's upset that she wasn't in on the plan, so Nathan reassures her. Spinelli spots them hugging and gets the wrong idea.

Spinelli confronts Nathan, accusing him of cheating on Maxie and decides to tell her. Nathan announces that he's not cheating, just that he's Man Landers. 

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