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Perkie's Observations: Franco Confesses to Andre on General Hospital

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Roger Howarth, Anthony Montgomery

Roger Howarth, Anthony Montgomery

Sharon warns Nelle that she can't run from what she did. When Nelle says she's staying in Port Charles, Sharon figures she's already found another mark. Nelle says she's a survivor who fought for everything she's got and wants Sharon to leave. Sharon says she's there for a reason.

Michael says he's not going to Bobbie's event since Nelle isn't comfortable with the idea. Carly says Michael isn't seeing clearly and begs him not to let Nelle isolate him. Michael says Nelle isn't playing him.

Pandemonium breaks out at the Ask Man Landers soiree. Amy declares that she and Nathan are not having an affair. Spinelli insists on knowing her connection, so Amy says she's Nathan's manager.

Nina introduces Nathan as the face of Man Landers. Nathan apologizes to Maxie and swears he would never cheat on her. Spinelli apologizes to Amy, then questions why a lowly nurse would become a book manager.

Amy claims she is a fan. Nathan tries to defend Amy. Spinelli pushes, asking Nathan what he thinks of his beard. Nathan's not a fan so Spin points out he grew it on advice from Man Landers. Spinelli continues to be suspicious of the two.

Sam calls Monica to let her know about Jason's recovery. Liz and Franco walk up at that moment. Liz is thrilled to hear the news about Jason. Franco hands Monica a check from the proceeds of the art show. He wants Monica to reinstate the art therapy program with the money. Monica agrees to discuss it with the board.

Sonny's thrilled that Jason is awake. Jason says it was his decision to help Sonny at the warehouse. He points out that he almost died and that can't happen again. Jason wants to live a normal life with Sam and their children. Sonny says he respects that decision, then calls Carly.

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Andre shows Franco that he was the anonymous buyer of the boys' photo. Franco wonders why Andre bought it. Andre says it spoke to him and he likes to invest in art. Franco shows Andre the picture of the boys and explains about Jason's twin. He says Betsy was trying to protect him when she told him the boy was imaginary.

Franco says he promised his mother he wouldn't tell anyone, including Liz. Andre wonders what the real reason is that he can't tell Liz. Franco refuses to answer and leaves.

Carly is thrilled to have Jason awake. Jason tells her that he's done helping them because he needs to be there for his family, which doesn't sit will with Carly. Sam swears it was Jason's decision and asks their family to respect their choice.

Liz and Monica show up to see Jason. Liz accidentally leaves the art gallery notice behind when she leaves. Jason sees the portrait of the boys.

Carly tells Sonny that she's sad about Jason because she misses who he used to be. She mentions her chat with Sharon and how Nelle is already starting to isolate Michael from them. Sonny says if Nelle shows her true colors, Michael will see through them.

Nelle says she has nothing of Sharon's. Sharon calls her a thief as Michael arrives to throw his weight around. Sharon says Nelle kept the engagement ring, which was her grandmother's and wants it back.

Sharon finally leaves, but not before warning Michael that Nelle is poison. Nelle gets called in to work, so Michael offers to finish unpacking for her. Michael finds the ring amongst Nelle's things. 

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