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Steffy Reassures Bill He's a Catch on The Bold and the Beautiful

Don Diamont, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Don Diamont, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Liam tells Wyatt that Bill was wrong in how he conducted business by lying, cheating, and stealing. He doesn't want to emulate someone who acts like that because it isn't normal. He invites Wyatt to run the company with him.

Brooke thanks Ridge again for helping her move with liquor store boxes. Ridge asks what Bill did, but she tells him she's done talking about it. She need to process it and make the right decision for herself. Ridge tries to maneuver a room rental in her house. She tells him it's too soon. She adds that she wants to work part-time. 

Liam admits he needs Wyatt's help. Their strengths and weaknesses balance each other out. He tells Wyatt there is a lot to learn. Wyatt is hesitant to screw over Bill, but Liam tells him it's about running the company the right way. Wyatt questions their experience in running an international company. He worries about what would happen if they fail. Wyatt tells Liam that he is betting on Bill's revenge over their success because Bill has never failed at it.

Bill and Steffy share a beer after their mid-day hog ride. She wonders if they have a date to ride again tomorrow. Steffy confides she and Liam are trying to have a baby, but it's not working out. She assures him if Brooke doesn't want him, someone will. Bill is grateful to have Steffy in his family and on his side.

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Ridge tells Brooke he doesn't care what Bill did. He's concerned that she's pulling away from Forrester when she needs the work distraction the most.  He promises to be there for her when she needs him. He reminds her she is Forrester Creations.

Wyatt doesn't believe blackmail is the right thing. He wants Liam to feel more regret, but Liam doesn't. He tells Wyatt he can't always be afraid of the unknown. He warns Liam that Bill will hurt him in ways he can't even imagine.

Brooke admits she wants to sink her teeth into something. Ridge offers her the lingerie line because Steffy is too busy to manage it. Brooke tells him she needs time. He counters they've wasted enough time already.

Liam tells Wyatt he can handle whatever Bill throws at him, but Wyatt is worried about him. Wyatt tells him that he and Steffy want him to find a way to make peace so he doesn't get hurt.

As Liam tells Wyatt that there is nothing Bill can do to him, Bill is touching Steffy's hands and face.