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Perkie's Observations: Six Makes a Run For It on General Hospital

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Steve Burton

Steve Burton

Michael demands to know why Nelle is lying to him. He shows her the ring he found. She accuses him of snooping, but he points out the ring fell out of a book. Michael believes the ring belongs to the Grants because it is a family heirloom. He thinks Nelle needs to return it.  

Nelle believes Zach wanted her to have it. It's all she has left of him and she has no intention of giving it back. Michael feels the Grants will continue to come after her for the ring. Nelle's lying makes him think that what Bobbie said about her was right.

Nelle is upset. She starts crying and says she lied to protect herself because she's the only one who has her own back. Nelle says the Grants accused her of murder and wonders if Michael believes her or them.  

Michael says he doesn't think she's a murderer, but needs time to process this whole thing.  

Jason summons Franco and asks why he visited him in the ICU. Franco originally denies it because he's a lying liar who lies. When Jason repeats what he heard Franco say, Franco then explains about the photo and how he wanted to know who the kid was.  

Franco explains that Betsy told him it was his imagination, but it turned out to be a neighborhood kid. Franco says they aren't related and to get on with their lives. Jason wants to see the photo, but Franco's pants are on fire so he lies again and says he lost it.  

Patient Six runs through the streets of St. Petersburg barefoot. He comes across a priest who offers him shelter and shoes. When he hears someone come into the church, Six hides. It turns out to be Griffin, who needs some time to pray.  

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Six hears Griffin tell the priest that he's American. He comes out of hiding and asks Griffin for the use of his phone. While Six uses the phone, Griffin prays for God's help in finding Ava to bring her home. 

Kline figures Six had help in escaping and finds Ava's earring on the floor. He questions Ava and accuses her. Ava admits she gave Six the paper clip, but blames hospital staff for letting him escape.  

Sam's happy to see Dr. Bensch and Alexis chit-chatting. When alone, Alexis tells Sam to back off because she's not ready to put herself out there. Sam says it's time for her mother to move on from Julian. She believes Alexis is lonely. 

Alexis says she just wants time alone, but Sam tells her not to shut herself off. Later, when Dr. Bensch talks about going dancing, Alexis agrees to just having conversation.  

Ava begs Kline not to stop the treatments and to give her a second chance. Kline says she's ruined her chances and she's not going home.  

Six uses his phone to call Sam. However, Sam left her phone with Jason, who answers it.  

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