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Sheila Expands Her Job Skills on The Bold and the Beautiful

Eric catches Wyatt and Katie.
Kimberlin Brown

Kimberlin Brown

Quinn is very pleased by Ivy's designs. She's happy that Quinn's marriage is back on track. Ivy wonders how Quinn could be so certain that Sheila is gone if she's as dangerous as she claims.

Sheila is training for her new job at Il Giardino. The manager is thrilled that she's doing so well after a week. The manager points out that the Forrester clan has been gracing their presence for decades. 

Eric wants to chat with Mateo, the young man who puts his shirt ON instead of taking it OFF. He's very happy with his work. They run down the fascinating and endless list of environmentally friendly changes he has made in landscaping and pool care.

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Wyatt and Katie are waiting for a table at Il Giardino. Sheila is watching them intently. She moves in closer to overhear them. Wyatt suggests they go home so Katie can make sandwiches. He's hungry and horny. Sheila catches them kissing. At home, Wyatt decides he's not hungry after all.

Ivy confides she's dating someone. Quinn wishes she would hear from Wyatt. She says they're so close she would know if he was involved.

Sheila shows up at Eric's promising she's not there to cause trouble. She wonders why Eric won't invite her in. She tells Eric she's working at the restaurant. Mateo busts in with an outdoor shower repair update.

After Mateo leaves, Eric tells Sheila he has to scoot. In the name of full disclosure, Sheila drops the intel that she saw Wyatt and Katie kissing. Sheila gives this implausible story of having someone cover for her whilst she got in the car to give Eric the news. She got to spy on them as they all sat in traffic. She adds that Wyatt is with Katie at her house. 

As Sheila leaves, she finds Mateo at the front door with another repair update for Eric. Eric heads over to Katie's. He starts banging his neighbor's door. Katie and Wyatt are so busy on the couch they don't hear him walk in.