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Perkie's Observations: Dr. Klein Tells Ava She Has a One-Way Ticket on General Hospital

JaSam finally get a clean bill of health.
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Maura West, Gene Farber

Maura West, Gene Farber

Patient Six and Jason have a who's on first type of phone conversation. Thugs come into the church, so Six drops the call. Griffin sends the thugs in a different direction. Griffin asks Six about the clinic and is given directions. Griffin gives Six some money.

Valentin gives Nina a necklace to celebrate the first night they met. Blah, blah, blah, he's the best thing that ever happened to her. She's the most wonderful thing that happened to him.

Anna and Finn discuss their next step in getting to Cassandra. Finn thinks Anna's doing it to get info on Valentin, but Anna says she wants to bring them both down. Anna gives Finn a box of tea to give to Cassandra as a gift.

Dr. Klein tells Ava that he won't be finishing her treatment and that she's not allowed to leave. He accuses her of aiding and abetting Patient Six. Ava says Six would have escaped no matter what and says she can't be held hostage. Ava says Valentin knows she's there, but Klein doesn't care. He's worried about his own survival.

Finn meets with Cassandra. He tells her he's found something while going through her medical records. He explains his own background with Blackwood Syndrome and they commiserate. Cassandra asks if he can treat her. Finn says he can't help her since he's not licensed overseas. He says she needs to come to Port Charles. Cassandra says she can't leave her business behind.

Jason tells Sam about the dropped call. She checks and sees that it came from Griffin's phone. She looks into it and finds out Griffin is out of town. Her tests results have come back and she's fine. Jason gets the all clear to be released.

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Sam worries that her need for a safe family will slowly drive Jason crazy. Jason says he almost died twice in five years and he is done taking unnecessary risks. Sam begs him not to make that decision for her. He says it's time for him to stop being selfish and protect his family.

Finn returns and tells Anna he tried to get Cassandra to agree to go with him to the States, but that she refused.

Cassandra calls Valentin and asks for information on Finn.

The Russian priest offers Six some shoes and clothes. Six says he needs to go home and needs a passport.

Dr. Klein returns with a needle full of happy juice for Ava. He says he's just following orders. Griffin arrives in time to grab the needle and stick it into Klein. Ava's glad to see him.

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