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Perkie's Observations: Laura Has a Message for Valentin on General Hospital

Griffin and Ava leave Russia.
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Genie Francis

Genie Francis

Finn complains that their time in Monte Carlo has been a waste since Cassandra didn't take the bait. He wonders if Anna has a Plan B or if he's off the hook. Anna talks how attachments can show your vulnerabilities. She tells him about giving Robin up and regretting the lost years.

Anna talks about second chances, but Finn gets angry and says she had no right to run away. Anna realizes that this has to do with Hayden and the baby. She says they all need to accept the things they can't control. She apologizes for being insensitive for talking about Robin and her kids.

Cassandra calls Valentin to ask about Finn's background, but he can't help her. He doesn't want anything to do with her, even though she reminds him that they've worked well in the past and they have things to discuss.

Laura's back in town and heads over to Wyndemere to put the fear of God into Valentin. Laura pulls out a gun and accuses Valentin of coercing Ava into changing her testimony. Valentin says Ava recanted her statement and is out of the country. Laura tells him to get Ava to come back.

Valentin says if Laura doesn't drop the civil suit, his lawyers will bury her because she can't prove Nikolas is dead. Laura waves the gun at him and says she wants him to know what Nikolas felt in those moments before Valentin shot him.

Laura fires the gun, which only has blanks. She points out that Valentin is not invincible. Valentin is angry and says she didn't have to resort to violence. Laura warns that Nina and Charlotte will figure out how evil he is.

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Valentin says they need to figure out how to get along for Charlotte's sake. He warns Laura if she pulls a stunt like this again, she'll face charges. He adds that he'll win and she'll lose.

Laura explains how Helena put a curse on her and tortured her for decades. Valentin doesn't believe in curses. Laura says you don't need to believe in them for karma to work. She tells him he'll spend his life looking over his shoulder, waiting for his past to catch up.

Ava wonders how Griffin found her. He explains about the man in the church who told him where to find the clinic. They both realize that it's the man Ava helped escape. Griffin wants to get the heck out of dodge, but Ava feels they need to leave with confidence so they don't raise any suspicion.

The Russian priest has another man willing to help Six get to America via a cargo ship. The men who are after Six show up at the church looking for him. Six and the ship captain get out while the priest distracts the bad guys.

Cassandra tells her minion that she's considering going to the States for Finn's treatment. She wants to know more about Finn's traveling companion. Later, Cassandra calls Valentin and tells him that she's coming to the States.

Finn agrees to continue to help Anna with her mission. The two decide to hit the town.

Six stows away on the cargo ship. Someone shows up to attack him.

Ava and Griffin's plane gets the go ahead to leave Russia. Griffin asks if she's ready to talk about what happened at the clinic. Ava wants to know why he came to find her.