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Perkie's Observations: Joss and Carly Ponder Oscar's Parentage on General Hospital

Stella is staying in Port Charles.
Garren Stitt, Eden McCoy

Garren Stitt, Eden McCoy

Griffin blames himself for Ava running off to Russia. She admits that he had a part in it. Ava says when he rejected her, she became fixated on fixing her face. Griffin says he cares for her and doesn't want to lose their friendship.

Ava says her face will never be the same, but she's trying to heal inside as well. Griffin points out that she helped a stranger and saved his life. Ava says she wasn't being noble, but curious. Griffin explains how he asked Sonny for help then heard about the call from Russia.

Nathan is swamped at work and showered with gifts by women who love that he's Man Landers. He tells Maxie that he's worried Jordan will fire him. Maxie offers to take the stuffed animals to the children's wing.

Stella interrupts Jordan and Curtis' sexy time. She tells them she got a job at the hospital and will be staying in Port Charles. Stella wants to make up for lost time with Curtis and TJ.

Joss and Oscar want to ditch the bodyguard to sit with their friends at the school football game. Again, Sonny explains to Joss that she needs protection and the bodyguard stays. Carly tries to get information on Oscar's mom, but he's not forthcoming.

Ava figures Six was trying to contact Sonny and wonders why. Griffin commends her again for helping the man. Ava thinks some of Griffin's goodness has rubbed off on her.

Brick tells Sonny and Carly that the call came from Russia, but he can't figure out who it was. Sonny is still certain that it was Ava since she was at a clinic in Russia. Carly wants Brick to do a full investigation into Nelle, but Sonny says they need to let Michael figure things out on his own.

Joss asks Oscar if he misses not having a dad and wonders who he is. Oscar says he doesn't ask his mother anymore so he doesn't upset her. Joss thinks maybe she can find his father.

Curtis asks Stella about finding someone special. She says she already had a great love and no one else will measure up.

Jordan meets with Nathan and says she wishes he had told her about the Man Landers stuff. She assures him that he isn't fired. She asks his advice about her issues with Stella. Jordan is grateful for the advise Nathan offers.

Maxie tells Amy about all the gifts for Nathan. She wonders if it bothers Amy that he's getting all the attention. Amy says it's about getting the best care for her brother. Amy thinks Maxie is jealous since she was the popular girl in high school. Maxie says she's thrilled for Nathan's success. 

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