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Perkie's Observations: Six Has Help from an Unlikely Source on General Hospital

Bobbie celebrates a milestone anniversary.
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Steve Burton, Trent Dawson

Steve Burton, Trent Dawson

Bobbie's celebrating her hospital anniversary with her family. Carly complains to Sonny about Nelle keeping Michael from them. Laura asks Bobbie about Lucas, but she says he and Brad are busy. Valerie lets it slip that Brucas may be interested in adopting. (Since that has nothing to do with Sonny or Jason, I'm sure it will happen completely off screen.)

Michael wants Nelle to join him at Bobbie's reception, but Nelle isn't interested. She's still angry with Michael for judging her about keeping the ring. Michael says they need to agree to disagree and move on. Nelle tells Michael to go to the reception without her.

Lulu's picking up Charlotte to take to the reception. Lante and ValNina argue about who will get Charlotte for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Valentin mentions how Laura showed up at Wyndemere with a gun.

Griffin and Ava are back from Russia. They go to the hospital to have her face checked out. Ava's frustrated that she was so close to complete reconstruction, but blew it by helping Six escape. Griffin assures her that she did the right thing. Ava says she heard Nikolas' voice and remembers how he gave his life for her.

Ava regrets selling out Nikolas to fix her face. She says she can never repay Griffin and is grateful that he's offering her friendship.

Jason's been released from the clinic and he and Sam celebrate by doing the hanky panky. After, Sam wonders what Jason plans on doing with the rest of his life. He doesn't want to work with ELQ, but does have something in the works.

Six overtakes the man on the ship and ties him up. Turns out it's Huxley, Ava's former art friend. Huxley natters on about how he's escaping some bad people and has stowed away, much like Six. He offers Six some clothes.

Nina wants Nelle to get her coffee from the restaurant. Nelle is hesitant and explains her problems with Michael's family. Nina says she's had a troubled past and that Nelle shouldn't let this stop her.

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Carly's glad to see Michael at the reception and apologizes for being nasty to Nelle. Nelle shows up for coffee, so Michael drags her over to the table. Bobbie is less than gracious. Carly complains to Sonny that Nelle got the reaction she wanted from everyone in front of Michael.

Lulu arrives and questions her mother about the gun. Laura says she snapped and wanted Valentin to know what it felt like. Lulu says he holds all the cards and they have to play nice.

Ava's new doctor is impressed with the improvement of her face. It turns out she only has a medium sized scar along her jaw. Valentin shows up to see the results. Ava says she had to run for her life and couldn't continue the treatments.

Ava warns that she'll recant the recanting of her statement and tell the court that he did kill Nikolas. He says Ava should thank him for the improvement of her face. Ava goes to slap him, but Valentin grabs her arm. Griffin storms in and warns off Valentin.

Ava's upset so Griffin hugs her. She says the things she's done can't be undone and she can't be saved. Griffin has faith in her.

Later, after Sam leaves, Jason places a call to Julian in prison.

Six spots a newspaper and is shocked to learn that it's 2017. 

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