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Perkie's Observations: Liz Has a Message for JaSam on General Hospital

Curtis investigates Nelle.
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Roger Howarth, Rebecca Herbst

Roger Howarth, Rebecca Herbst

Carly and Sonny head to the hospital chapel to light a candle for Morgan's first anniversary. Griffin walks in on them. Sonny asks about his trip to Russia. Griffin says Ava was in danger, but she's back home now. Carly's quick to remind Griffin that Ava is toxic, but Griffin's having none of it. He tells her Ava helped a complete stranger.

Curtis stops by to see Jason who tells him that he's going to be making a change. Jason tells Curtis about talking to Franco. When he gets a call back from Julian, Curtis leaves.

Michael runs into Sam and asks for her advice about Nelle. He explains Nelle's backstory, but swears he doesn't think she's a murderer. Sam says Nelle might still be a liar and points to her own past as a con woman. Sam says Jason is the only one who accepted her and turned things around. Curtis arrives so Sam tells Michael to hire him to investigate her.

Nina asks Nelle about her run in with Michael's family. She says Nelle can't control what they think. Nelle spots some incoming mail that came from the Morgan Corinthos Foundation. Both decide that Carly and Bobbie were prickly because of Morgan's anniversary.

Nelle complains that Carly thinks she's after Michael's money and is willing to kill for it. Nina says her past isn't clean, but that she's put it behind her. She thinks Nelle should show everyone the woman she's become.

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Liz comes across Franco's sketch pad filled with drawings of the "twins" and questions why he's so obsessed. Franco admits that he's a lying liar and explains how Jason is a twin. He explains that he didn't tell Liz sooner because he's trying to protect Betsy.

Liz says they need to tell Jason the truth. Franco gets angry, saying the Quartermaines could react against Betsy. Franco accuses Liz of always trying to protect Jason, but she says she's trying to protect him. Liz says this will continue to fester and eat away at Franco.

Six can't believe the date is 2017. He asks to see Huxley's phone, which means having to untie the blabber mouth. Six admits that he ran into trouble and lost some time. He wants to leave, but Huxley stops him saying it will put them both at risk. Six takes off anyway.

Michael tells Curtis the story. Curtis agrees to see what he can find that would prove Nelle's guilt. Michael corrects him and says he wants Curtis to prove Nelle is innocent. Curtis warns Michael may not like what he finds.

Jason tells Sam he's going to New York as part of the new plan he has for himself. Sam says he can only go if he takes her with him and gets the okay from his doctor. At the hospital, they run into Griffin and ask about his call to Sam the previous day. Griffin says he never called Sam from Russia and thinks maybe phone lines were crossed. Later, Griffin checks out Sam's phone number and sees the number in his call list.

Liz and Franco run into Jason and Sam. Liz says she has something to tell them.