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Sheila Enlists Mateo's Help on The Bold and the Beautiful

Francisco San Martin

Francisco San Martin

Sally is still thanking Liam for his help, despite her knowledge that his daddy is an arsonist. In San Francisco, Liam meets the architecture team on the plane (because they don't have Skye). They are happy to work with him and Sally.

Bill warns Steffy if he loses Brooke, he's gunning for Liam. He whines to Steffy that he was forced to tell Brooke the truth because of his boy scout, blackmailing son.

Nicole pops in at the Forrester house for about a minute. Eric informs Nicole and Rick that Quinn is taking a steam upstairs to relieve her back pain. After some lively discussion about her gratitude of being shipped off to Paris, Nicole and Rick leave.

Oddly, Mateo is in Queric's bedroom as she comes out of the steam wrapped in a towel. He claims he's there to fix the steam pipe. He tells her he's also a massage therapist, which is just what Quinn needs.

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Sheila and her portrait are bored. She flashes back to giving Mateo cash for his services. She tells the portrait she will prevail.

Bill reminds Steffy that Liam took Sally on a business trip (in case we all forgot). He tells her Liam doesn't treat her the way she deserves. Bill makes the leap that the demise of Sky could mean the end of Spencer at Liam's hands. 

Mateo is working Quinn's back like gangbusters. He claims he can't work the deep muscles with a towel in the way ( this 1990s porn?). He moves it out of the way and works her harder. She moans...oh yeah that's it. Seriously, I'm not kidding.

On the way back to LA, Sally tells Liam how great he was at taking charge. She adds that no man has treated her the way he has, but she respects his and Steffy's marriage. Liam claims he's far from perfect. Sally rambles on about how great Liam is and that she would never do anything to make him feel uncomfortable, but...

Later, Quinn describes to Eric (who had a haircut since Rick and Nicole left) how well Mateo worked her over. Eric's not sure how he feels about the estate manager doing his wife. She suggests Eric give him a try (but that's a whole other flick).

Mateo fills Sheila in on his escapades and agrees to be her henchman.